CSV OData Connector

OData APIs for CSV & TSV Files

A lightweight server-side application that proxies flat-file CSV and TSV data, making it easily accessible across platforms and devices.

  • Make CSV and TSV flat-file data easily accessible to Apps, BI tools, and other systems.
  • Expose data through standards-based interfaces like ODATA, SOAP, REST, HTML, RSS, ATOM, JSON, and XLS.
  • Runs anywhere: on-premise, or in the cloud.

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CSV OData Connector

OData Entry Points For CSV

The CSV OData Connector is a lightweight software application that allows users to create and expose data APIs for CSV/TSV Files data, without the need for custom development. Through simple point-and-click configuration, user can create and configure remote access to CSV from popular OData clients, such as Salesforce Lightning Connect, SharePoint External Lists, Microsoft Excel, PowerPivot, and many more.

Connect To CSV From Apps, BI tools, & Other Systems

The CSV OData Connector opens entirely new possibilities for developers and information workers. Developers can access CSV/TSV Files data through WebAPIs, while information workers can use tools like Excel, PowerPivot, and even MySQL Workbench to read, write, and update CSV data.

Use CSV OData Connector to:

  • Provide bi-directional access to live CSV data from Web, Desktop, and Mobile applications.
  • Integrate live CSV data with popular CRM and Collaboration solutions like Salesforce Lightning Connect and Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Connect CSV with popular analytics tools like Microsoft Excel and PowerPivot.
  • Automate integration processes like mass imports / exports / updates, data cleansing & de-duplication.
  • Cache data locally and offload queries to CSV/TSV Files to reduce load and increase performance.

Integration Features

  • Connect to CSV Through OData. With the CSV OData Connector users can easily connect live CSV data with any desktop, web, or mobile application. The OData protocol is widely supported by developer tools and there are dozens of client libraries available for working with OData from .NET, Java, PHP, Objective-C, etc. In addition, CData provides Drivers that make it simple to connect to OData services from virtually anywhere:

  • Connect to CSV Through JSON. Interact with CSV data directly through JSON APIs. Web developers can interact with CSV through JSON and JSONp entry-points with zero client-side requirements beyond standard JavaScript.
  • Connect to CSV Through Other Modern Web APIs. Unmatched power and flexibility in integrating with other systems and applications. Many interfaces are accessible through simple standards-based protocols like SOAP, REST, HTML, ATOM, JSON, XLS, CSV, and More!
  • Secure CSV Data Access. The CSV OData Connector offers powerful security and access management capabilities including integrated transaction monitoring, management, and data access controls. All communications channels are secured by strong SSL security.
  • Highly Extensible Design. The CSV OData Connector exposes dozens of services that are easily accessible through simple standards-based interfaces like SOAP, REST, HTML, RSS, ATOM, JSON, XLS, and CSV.
  • Expose CSV Data in Salesforce.com. Salesforce Lightning Connect enables the Salesforce CRM platform to connect to OData services and expose that data in Salesforce. CSV OData Connector is the simplest way to connect your back office systems with the Salesforce cloud platform..
  • Connect to CSV From SharePoint. SharePoint external lists can be configured to access data through OData services. With the CSV OData Connector you can make CSV data easily accessible from SharePoint and SharePoint Online.
  • Connect From Microsoft Excel & PowerPivot. Users can connect Microsoft Excel directly to OData Sources. Specify the URL of the OData service created by the CSV OData Connector, and Excel will load the CSV data. The returned data can be processed and visualized by anyone familiar with Excel - no developer required.
  • Bi-Directional Access to Live Data. CSV OData Connector offers full Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) support for integrating with live CSV data.
  • Integrated Data Caching Capabilities. Smart caching capabilities provide unmatched performance, enabling a highly responsive data access layer for client applications.
  • Entirely Self-Contained. No Additional Components Required. Run as a standalone Web Application, embedded within Microsoft IIS, or from any Java compatible Web Server for secure management from anywhere.
  • On-Premise, Or In The Cloud. The CSV OData Connector is a go-anywhere web-based application that is designed to perform equally well hosted on premise (Windows, Unix / Linux, Mac OS), or in the Cloud (Azure, Amazon, Google). This gives you the flexibility to expose and connect-to data regardless of your network topology, hardware, or software requirements.