サーバーレスDWH のリーダーであるSlicingDice 向けのODBC/JDBC などのDrivers をCData がカスタム開発して提供し、エコシステムを大幅に拡張

SlicingDice is a serverless data warehouse and Database as a Service (DaaS) optimized for analytics related jobs and time-series data. With SlicingDice, users don't have to worry about building or maintaining servers, clusters, tables, data models, or any of the headaches of high-performance query optimization. SlicingDice allows a customer to store an unlimited volume of data and issue blazing fast queries with support for complex JOINs, aggregation, and extraction to easily power analytics and decision making processes.

"We want SlicingDice to be the simplest, fastest and least expensive solution for anyone that needs to store and query analytics-related time-series data," said SlicingDice CEO, Gabriel Menegat. "Offering industry standard drivers for our platform is a no-brainer. Drivers drastically reduce integration complexity for our customers and drive down TCO by enabling self-service reporting and analytics from external applications."

To maximize the strategic value of data, it must be readily accessible. To facilitate connectivity SlicingDice implemented an extensive set of APIs and SDKs for integration with their serverless Data Warehouse platform. However, they quickly realized that limiting their offering to developer tools only enabled a sub-set of integration scenarios - those supported by IT/developer resources.

To maximize adoption their customers needed a frictionless way to connect SlicingDice with their legacy backend systems and modern BI, ETL, and reporting tools. Standards-based drivers like ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET provide a ubiquitous bridge between these applications and data.

"Working with CData far exceeded our expectations... They enabled us to bring a full-stack solution to market faster, and with far less execution risk, than had we tried to develop drivers internally or through another provider."

— SlicingDice CEO, Gabriel Menegat.

The SlicingDice Requirements:

  1. Technology support. The SlicingDice Team needed standard drivers for ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET to enable customers to get the most out of their serverless Data Warehousing platform.

  2. Performance. Fast data access is a core value proposition for SlicingDice, and it was critical that drivers meet or exceed benchmarks.

The Solution: focus on core and partner with experts

The SlicingDice team evaluated several options when deciding how to bring their drivers to market including in-house development with the Magnitude Simba SDK and Apache Calcite. Both of these options would have required significant effort from skilled internal developers and would have pulled critical resources away from expanding their platform. Furthermore onerous commercial terms and limited technology support excluded these products as potential options.

Ultimately, SlicingDice chose CData Software to build and maintain custom drivers for the SlicingDice Data Warehouse. "Our core competency lies in high-performance data warehousing and analytics infrastructure, not driver technologies or SQL abstraction," says SlicingDice CTO Rafael Telles "Partnering with leading NoSQL experts was the best way to ensure the delivery of robust enterprise-class drivers that would meet and exceed the rigorous performance expectations of our customers."

CData Software, an expert in driver development, knew just how to help SlicingDice to empower its customers. With a track record of success assisting NoSQL and SaaS customers with data access and connectivity, CData understood the challenges SlicingDice faced and could leverage their vast experience with SQL abstraction to build a set of blazing fast drivers with robust query capabilities.

The new SlicingDice Drivers from CData include a powerful high-performance SQL engine that combines flexible NoSQL capabilities with support for deeply nested queries and an exhaustive set of SQL filters and formulas. In addition to ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET, CData leveraged their proprietary code generation framework to deliver comprehensive set of technology adapters for SlicingDice, including SQL SSIS Components, BizTalk Adapters, PowerShell Cmdlets, and even Excel Add-Ins. CData's engine seamlessly generates native platform drivers for each supported driver technology. Documentation is also automatically generated and tailored to the platform based on a common base.

The new drivers enable SlicingDice customers to access their data quickly and easily from any BI, ETL, or reporting tool. "Working with CData far exceeded our expectations," said Menegat. "They enabled us to bring a full-stack solution to market faster, and with far less execution risk, than had we tried to develop drivers internally or through another provider."

Connectivity is our Core: Any source, Any technology, Any platform.

CData Software ( is a leading provider of data access and connectivity solutions. We offer a straightforward approach to integration, with easy-to-use, data providers, drivers, and tools available from any technology capable of interacting with major data standards.

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