Square データパイプライン。あらゆるデータベースに簡単に接続。

CData Sync で、Square データを直観的にレプリケーション。

  • Square データを、いろいろなデータベースに同期して保存。
  • 管理画面でノーコーディングで同期設定、自動反復設定が可能。

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Square is one of more than 240 data sources included in CData Sync [learn more].

Replicate Square Sync

App では、Square の複製(レプリカ)を直観的に作成、管理できます。一般的なデータベースツール、ソフトウェアドライバー、アナリティクスからのアクセスを容易にします。

  • 伝統的および先進的なデータベースにデータを同期。
  • Square のレプリケーションをRDBMS に作成し、レポーティングに利用。
  • システムからオフロードクエリを実行することによりデータ通信量の削減やパフォーマンス向上を実現。
  • Square をBI や意思決定のサポートのためにアナリティクスに接続。
  • ディザスターリカバリーのためのアーカイビングに。

オンプレミス&クラウドDB との同期

Square の自動データアーカイブを一般的なオンプレおよびクラウドのDB に設定。

Amazon Redshift Amazon S3 Apache Cassandra CSV IBM DB2 Google BigQuery Google Cloud SQL Heroku / Salesforce Connect Microsoft Access Microsoft Azure Tables MongoDB MySQL Oracle Database PostgreSQL Snowflake SQL Server SQLite

Key Features

Replicate Any Data Source To Any Database With a Few Clicks

  • Simple Point-And-Click Replication

    Configuring replication is easy: Login to the application, select the tables of data to replicate, and select a replication interval. Done.

  • Heterogeneous Support & Database Independence

    Supports replication across a wide range of commonly used databases, ensuring offline replication without the need to setup and maintain a new or foreign DBMS. In addition, database connectivity is extensible, providing systems integrators with the ability to synchronize with entirely new data stores.

  • Automated Iterative Data Extraction

    CData Sync extracts data iteratively, causing minimal impact on operational systems by only querying and updating data that has been added or changed since the last update.

  • Full or Partial Data Replication

    Users have complete control to define which data should be replicated and how that data should be replicated to a database. CData Sync offers the utmost in flexibility across full and partial replication scenarios.

  • Secure Backup & Archiving

    Protect your organization from the loss of valuable data. CData Sync ensures that your critical data is stored safely in the on-premise or cloud database of choice.

  • DBA-Friendly Setup

    CData Sync is completely self-contained. As a result it does not require special administration or installation on target databases.

  • Flexible Mapping, Configuring, & Scheduling

    CData Sync is incredibly simple, yet highly customizable. Almost every facet of the application can be customized to integrate with the user's ideal replication configuration.

  • Unix Cron-Style Scheduling

    CData Sync includes flexible scheduling capabilities. Users can easily schedule replication tasks at customizable intervals.

  • Dynamic Schema Replication

    Replicates schema changes dynamically, ensuring that data sources are in sync. CData Sync monitors changes in the connected datasource and the changes are automatically detected and updated within the local replicated database.

  • Advanced Logging & Transaction Monitoring

    Transaction logging is available to enable closer monitoring of changes being made to replicated data and data accessed directly through CData Sync.

  • On-Premise Or In The Cloud

    CData Sync is a go-anywhere application that is designed to perform equally well hosted on-premise (Windows, Unix / Linux, Mac OS) or in the Cloud (Azure, Amazon, Google).

CData Sync をダウンロード

CData Sync をダウンロードして、クラウド/SaaS レプリケーションを始めましょう。現在CData Sync が対応していないデータソースのレプリケーションをご希望の場合にはご連絡ください。プロフェッショナルがご相談に対応いたします。

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