<br><b>Code</b>: rsb:print<br><b>Error</b>: Formatter [ mastertable ] failed in the evaluation of <p> LightSwitch provides support for using relationships between tables in a data source such as the master-detail, or one-to-many, relationship between [mastertable] and [detailtable]. This article will walk you through the steps to set up a LightSwitch master-detail screen using simple queries. </p> <h2>Configure the [service] ADO.NET Data Source</h2> <p> Follow the steps below to use the Data Source Configuration Wizard to configure connection properties and import [service] tables. </p> <ol> <li>In a new LightSwitch project, click "Attach to data source". <li>In the resulting wizard, select the Database data source type. The Connection Properties dialog is displayed. <li><p>Click Change and select the [company_name] [service] Data Source. Enter the required connection properties. [extraconnectionnotes|def('')] </p> <p>Below is a typical connection string: <p> [extraconnectionprops]. The error was: Trying to access the value of an attribute that does not exist.<br><b>URL</b>: /jp/kb/tech/access-ado-lightswitch-masterdetail.rst