<br><b>Code</b>: rsb:print<br><b>Error</b>: Formatter [ rootadoname ] failed in the evaluation of <p> The [company_name] ADO.NET Provider for [service] implements standard ADO.NET data access components that can be used with third-party controls. The standard ADO.NET process for databinding can be followed to enable bidirectional access to live data from UI controls. In this article we show how to use the [company_name] components to databind to the DevExpress Windows Forms and Web controls; you will databind to a chart that displays current data. </p> [extraconnectionnotes|def('')] <h2 id="winform">Windows Forms Controls</h2> <p> The code below shows how to populate a DevExpress chart with [datasource]. The [rootadoname]DataAdapter binds to the Series property of the chart control. The Diagram property of the control defines the x- and y-axes as the column names. </p> <code lang=csharp> using ([rootadoname]Connection connection = new [rootadoname]Connection( "[extraconnectionprops]. The error was: The value of the attribute could not be accessed: The attribute does not exist.<br><b>URL</b>: /jp/kb/tech/adp-ado-devexpress.rst