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MySQL のFederated Table としてSAP ByDesign Data データを連携利用する

SQL Gateway とODBC Driver を使ってSAP ByDesign のMySQL Federated Table を構築する。

SQL Gateway を使って、MySQL リモーティングサービスを作成し、SAP ByDesign のMySQL Federated Table を構築できます。CData ODBC Driver for SAP ByDesign のMySQL インターフェースのdeamon になります。サービス起動後、MySQL のFEDERATED ストレージエンジンを使ってサーバーおよびテーブルを作成します。SAP ByDesign data をMySQL テーブルのように使いましょう。

SAP ByDesign Data への接続

If you have not already done so, provide values for the required connection properties in the data source name (DSN). You can use the built-in Microsoft ODBC Data Source Administrator to configure the DSN. This is also the last step of the driver installation. See the "Getting Started" chapter in the help documentation for a guide to using the Microsoft ODBC Data Source Administrator to create and configure a DSN.

Set the following connection properties to connect to SAP ByDesign.

  • Url: Set this to the Url of your SAP ByDesign site. For example,
  • User: Set this to the username of your account.
  • Password: Set this to the password of your account.
  • CustomService or AnalyticsService: Only one of these must be specified. If you have a custom service you want to retrieve data from, specify CustomService. If you want to retrieve the reports of a analytical service, specify AnalyticsService.
    If neither is specified, 'cc_home_analytics.svc' will used as a default for the AnalyticsService property. If you are not sure what service to specify, you can always query the Services view to list available services.

SQL Gateway の設定

See the SQL Gateway Overview to set up connectivity to SAP ByDesign data as a virtual MySQL database. You will configure a MySQL remoting service that listens for MySQL requests from clients. The service can be configured in the SQL Gateway UI.

SAP ByDesign Data のFEDERATED サーバーおよびテーブルを作成

After you have configured and started the service, create a FEDERATED server to simplify the process of creating FEDERATED tables:


The following statement will create a FEDERATED server based on the ODBC Driver for SAP ByDesign. Note that the username and password of the FEDERATED server must match a user account you defined on the Users tab of the SQL Gateway.

OPTIONS (USER 'sql_gateway_user', PASSWORD 'sql_gateway_passwd', HOST 'sql_gateway_host', PORT ####, DATABASE 'CData SAPByDesign Sys');


To create a FEDERATED table using our newly created server, use the CONNECTION keyword and pass the name of the FEDERATED server and the remote table ([Inventory Balance]). Refer to the following template for the statement to create a FEDERATED table:

CREATE TABLE fed_[inventory balance] (
  id  TYPE(LEN),
  productcategoryid  TYPE(LEN),
CONNECTION='fedSAPByDesign/[inventory balance]';

NOTE: The table schema for the FEDERATED table must match the remote table schema exactly. You can always connect directly to the MySQL remoting service using any MySQL client and run a SHOW CREATE TABLE query to get the table schema.


You can now execute queries to the SAP ByDesign FEDERATED tables from any tool that can connect to MySQL, which is particularly useful if you need to JOIN data from a local table with data from SAP ByDesign. Refer to the following example:

  fed_[inventory balance].id, 
  fed_[inventory balance] 
  local_table.foreign_id = fed_[inventory balance].id;