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MicroStrategy Desktop でCData JDBC Driver for SAP Hybris C4C を使用

CData JDBC Driver for SAP Hybris C4C を使用して、MicroStrategy Desktop からSAP Hybris C4C data にデータ連携。

MicroStrategy は、データ駆動型のイノベーションを可能にする分析およびモビリティプラットフォームです。MicroStrategy をCData JDBC Driver for SAP Hybris C4C と組み合わせると、MicroStrategy からライブSAP Hybris C4C data へのデータベースのようなアクセスが可能になり、レポートや分析で利用可能です。ここでは、MicroStrategy Desktop のデータソースとしてSAP Hybris C4C を追加し、SAP Hybris C4C data の簡単なビジュアライゼーションを作成する方法について説明します。

CData JDBC ドライバーは、ドライバーに組み込まれた最適化されたデータ処理により、MicroStrategy からSAP Hybris C4C data への連携に高いパフォーマンスを提供します。MicroStrategy からSAP Hybris C4C に複雑なSQL クエリを発行すると、ドライバーはフィルタや集計などのサポートされているSQL 操作を直接SAP Hybris C4C にプッシュし、埋め込みSQL エンジンを使用してサポートされていない操作(SQL関数やJOIN 操作)を処理します。ビルトインダイナミックメタデータクエリを使用すると、ネイティブのMicroStrategy データ型を使用してSAP Hybris C4C data を視覚化および分析することができます。

MicroStrategy Desktop を使用してSAP Hybris C4C Data に接続して視覚化

In addition to connecting to SAP Hybris C4C in MicroStrategy enterprise products, you can connect to SAP Hybris C4C in MicroStrategy Desktop.Follow the steps below to add SAP Hybris C4C data as a dataset using JDBC and create visualizations and reports of SAP Hybris C4C data.

  1. Open MicroStrategy Desktop and create a new dossier.
  2. In the datasets panel, click New Data, select Databases, and choose Select a Table as the Import Option.
  3. Add a new data source and choose the DSN-less data sources option.
  4. Choose Generic in the Database menu and Generic DBMS in the Version menu.
  5. Click the link to show the connection string and opt to edit the connection string.In the Driver menu, select MicroStrategy Cassandra ODBC Driver.(MicroStrategy requires a certified driver to interface through JDBC; the actual driver will not be used.)
  6. Set the connection string as follows and click OK:
    • Add the JDBC keyword to the connection string.
    • Set MSTR_JDBC_JAR_FOLDER to the path of the JAR file for the JDBC driver.(C:\Program Files\CData JDBC Driver for SAP Hybris C4C\lib\ on Windows.)
    • Set DRIVER to cdata.jdbc.saphybrisc4c.SAPHybrisC4CDriver, the driver class.
    • Set URL to the JDBC URL for the SAP Hybris C4C driver, setting the necessary connection properties.

      SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer uses basic authentication. Set the User and Password to your login credentials.


      For assistance in constructing the JDBC URL, use the connection string designer built into the SAP Hybris C4C JDBC Driver.Either double-click the JAR file or execute the jar file from the command-line.

      java -jar cdata.jdbc.saphybrisc4c.jar

      Fill in the connection properties and copy the connection string to the clipboard.

      When you configure the JDBC URL, you may also want to set the Max Rows connection property.This will limit the number of rows returned, which is especially helpful for improving performance when designing reports and visualizations.

    A typical connection string follows:

  7. Right-click on the new data source, and choose Edit catalog options.
  8. Edit the SQL Statement to SELECT * FROM SYS_SCHEMAS to read the metadata from the JDBC Driver.
  9. Select the new data source to view the available tables.You may need to manually click the search icon in the Available Tables section to see the tables.
  10. Drag tables into the pane to import them. Note:Since we create a live connection, we can import whole tables and utilize the filtering and aggregation features native to the MicroStrategy products.
  11. Click Finish and choose the option to connect Live.Live connections are possible and effective, thanks to the high-performance data processing native to CData JDBC Drivers.
  12. Choose a visualization, choose fields to display, and apply any filters to create a new visualization of SAP Hybris C4C data.Data types are discovered automatically through dynamic metadata discovery.Where possible, the complex queries generated by the filters and aggregations will be pushed down to SAP Hybris C4C, while any unsupported operations (which can include SQL functions and JOIN operations) will be managed client-side by the CData SQL engine embedded in the driver.
  13. Once you are finished configuring the dossier, click File -> Save.

Using the CData JDBC Driver for SAP Hybris C4C in MicroStrategy Desktop, you can easily create robust visualizations and reports on SAP Hybris C4C data.Read our other articles for connecting to SAP Hybris C4C data in MicroStrategy Developer and connecting to SAP Hybris C4C data in MicroStrategy Web for more examples.