SQL Abstraction for NoSQL Databases

SQL is the lingua franca of data access. SQL-based drivers based on established data standards like ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET provide a powerful and ubiquitous bridge between NoSQL and modern and legacy applications. This solution brief highlights various techniques employed in providing SQL access to NoSQL data.

  • Learn techniques for mapping and flattening NoSQL to a tabular interface.
  • Compare performance and usability differences between vendor approaches.

Mapping SQL to NoSQL

The growth of NoSQL continues to accelerate as the industry is increasingly forced to develop new and more specialized data structures to deal with the explosion of application and device data. At the same time, new data products for BI, Analytics, Reporting, Data Warehousing, AI, and Machine Learning continue along a similar growth trajectory. Enabling interoperability between applications and data sources, each with a unique interface and value proposition, is a tremendous challenge.

This paper discusses a variety of mapping and flattening techniques, and continues with examples that highlight performance and usability differences between approaches.

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