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  • CData SSIS Tasks in Azure Data Factory

    by Jerod Johnson | July 14, 2020

    Azure Data Factory allows you to build cloud-based data integration solutions. Microsoft and CData Software have partnered to extend your ETL and ELT processes in Azure Data Factory with more than 200 SSIS tasks and components, including connectivity to virtually any SaaS, Big Data, or No... [read more]

  • High Performance Drivers for Relational Databases

    by Jerod Johnson | June 16, 2020

    At CData, we are most commonly known for technologies that enable SQL access to SaaS, cloud, and other non-relational data sources. With application and data storage becoming increasingly distributed, solving the diverse connectivity needs of modern BI, ETL, and data integration has been ... [read more]

  • Introducing the Query Federation Driver

    by Jerod Johnson | April 07, 2020

    Working with related data from separate sources, like a dedicated CRM service and a local database, is something that typically requires significant development time and effort. One solution to this problem is migrating your disparate data sources into a single location, such as a data wa... [read more]

  • COVID-19 Relief for Customers

    by Alex Pauncz | April 03, 2020

    From doctors and nurses to grocers, governments and manufacturers - millions of people and organizations around the world are taking heroic action to fight COVID-19. As we all practice social distancing and come together to contain the spread of the virus, we are also learning how technol... [read more]

  • New CData Python Connectors

    by Jerod Johnson | April 02, 2020

    With its reputation as an easy-to-learn high-productivity programming language, Python has rapidly become one of the most popular tools for working with data. Python developers can make use of a vast ecosystem of tools, frameworks, and freely available modules to simplify data processing.... [read more]