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  • Data Connectivity with Go

    by Jerod Johnson | November 10, 2017

    Eight years ago, today, the Go programming language was released as an open source project. Since then the interest in Go has grown by leaps and bounds, launching its way into the 10 most popular languages on GitHub. Go is expressive and efficient, using potent concurrency mechanisms to e... [read more]

  • Million Row Challenge: BigQuery & Redshift

    by Eric Madariaga | October 31, 2017

    Million Row Challenge: BigQuery Redshift We have already demonstrated that our drivers are unmatched when it comes to read performance, especially when working with large data sets. However, many of our customers use enterprise ETL or Data Warehousing solutions and require high-performance... [read more]

  • Building Data-Driven Apps with Ruby

    by Jerod Johnson | June 14, 2017

    Ruby provides natural (but complex) development features in a free, flexible platform for creating expressive Web applications. Our ODBC drivers offer simplified access to your data, allowing you to write SQL-92 queries to work with data from any of the 80+ supported sources. By utilizing... [read more]

  • ODBC Connectivity in MS Excel for Mac

    by Jerod Johnson | June 08, 2017

    Earlier this year we announced the release of our ODBC Drivers for Mac and Linux/UNIX environments. With the ability to install our drivers on virtually any environment, you gain greatly expanded flexibility and functionality. For instance, you can now work with data from 80+ sources in M... [read more]

  • Connect Node-RED to API Server and Let Your Data Flow

    by Jerod Johnson | May 23, 2017

    Node-RED is a flow-based programming tool, built around JavaScript. With it, you can build applications using in a drag-and-drop interface to control the flow of data to and from a variety of sources, from IoT devices to APIs and online services. When paired with the API Server , which bu... [read more]