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  • Powering Enterprise Data Connectivity for Embarcadero RAD Studio

    by Eric Madariaga | June 29, 2017

    Move, integrate, and analyze data with ease using the new FireDAC Enterprise Connectors . The result of a year-long collaboration effort with Embarcadero, the Enterprise Connectors leverage RAD Studio FireDAC technology to reduce the complexity of connecting to multiple data sources, and ... [read more]

  • When Performance Matters, There Is Simply No Substitute

    by Eric Madariaga | June 01, 2017

    When you read that a company like CData offers drivers for close to one hundred different data sources, it is easy to think that our connectors provide limited capabilities or superficial functionality. With access to so many different applications, file formats, SaaS services and data pl... [read more]

  • New Embedded Tunneling Support in API Server

    by Jerod Johnson | May 24, 2017

    The API Server has been enhanced with built-in 'Cloud Gateway' tunneling functionality. This powerful new capability allows users of API Server to create a secure reverse tunnel to any publicly accessible host, allowing external clients to connect to your on-premises API Server data behin... [read more]

  • API Server Overview: REST APIs for Your Data

    by Jerod Johnson | May 18, 2017

    The API Server allows you to build a single, uniform REST API for your company's data, which is often stored in dozens of on-premises and Web-based sources, ranging from traditional databases and applications (like QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel) to SaaS and other cloud-based data sources... [read more]

  • Turnkey Connectivity to Azure Cosmos DB

    by Jerod Johnson | May 16, 2017

    Last week, at Build 2017, Microsoft introduced Azure Cosmos DB , a globally distributed, multi-model database offering five distinct consistency levels, ranging from strong to eventual. Since one of the data models for Cosmos DB accounts is the MongoDB API, you get turnkey connectivity to... [read more]