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  • 2019 Driver Update

    by Eric Madariaga | April 16, 2019

    We are proud to announce the 2019 major version update for our drivers. With this release customers can now unlock the full potential of SQL Server SSIS, take advantage of new ADO.NET and Java features, and easily connect with more than 200+ Enterprise data sources from BI, ETL, custom ap... [read more]

  • 2018 Driver Update

    by Eric Madariaga | June 01, 2018

    Welcome to the 2018 Driver update! This exciting release includes across-the-board enhancements to our Driver engine, support for several new data sources, and significant upgrades to our API Server and Sync products. ADO.NET Providers: .NET Standard, .NET Core, Mono, & Xamarin With the l... [read more]

  • 2017 Driver Update

    by Eric Madariaga | July 25, 2017

    Welcome to the 2017 Driver update! Our engineering teams continue to innovate, driven by feedback from the top BI, ETL, Data Integration, Data Virtualization, and Data Warehousing vendors, as well as thousands of customers worldwide, who rely on our drivers for data connectivity. In the h... [read more]