by Eric Madariaga | October 18, 2016

One Connectivity Vendor. Superior Results.

With packaged software it is not always important to know what is going on under the hood.
Does the software work (i.e., does it do what I need it to do)? Will I be able to update the software in the future? Can I get help if something breaks? The software doesn't create any security holes? Great - purchase the software, solve the problem, and move on.

Evaluating embedded software on the other hand, is different.

When you choose to use a component or embed 3rd party libraries you are establishing a relationship with a vendor that may last the lifetime of your solution, or possibly even longer. It is critical that you find a vendor that you trust.

What makes us different?

I hate to break it to you, but some vendors offer products that are little more than a collection of open source projects, a little 'glue' code, and nice packaging. While these solutions may get the job done, they can be fragile and fraught with potential security issues.

The more code that is outside of the direct control of the vendor, the riskier they are as a partner. Are all of the open source projects licensed correctly? Are there any copyright or IP infringement issues? What if there is an issue with one of the embedded libraries that the vendor relies on?


Driver Implementation: Unicode 32-bit & 64-bit, ODBC 3.52, JDBC 4.2, etc.
SQL Engine: ANSI SQL-92 compliant parser, query processing, caching, etc.
Networking Stack: Advanced proxy/firewall support, authentication, etc.
Security: Enterprise-class security features such as TLS/SSL data encryption.

With the CData Drivers and Adapters, there is nothing to worry about.

All of our products have been completely developed in-house with no reliance on 3rd party or open source code. Everything, from the Driver implementation all the way down to the networking and security stack, has been developed 100% by our engineering team.

As a CData partner you get a consolidated connectivity solution from a single trusted vendor with a successful track record that spans 20+ years of delivering quality embedded components.

100% IP ownership - how is that possible?

In today's day and age it seems almost impossible. How can one company write all of the code, for the more than 70+ data sources that CData supports, all the way down to the networking stack?

As unbelievable as it may seem CData has a unique history that sets us apart from other vendors of Driver and Adapter technologies. As a spin off of /n software ( our engineering team has been delivering enterprise-class networking components since 1994. We leverage a unique code generation framework that we have developed in-house to enable ultra-fast development and a common cross-platform code base.

All of our products are built on the same communications technologies that power connectivity for almost every major fortune 500 and global 2000 company world-wide.

Partnering with CData

Ready to supercharge your applications with support for more than 70+ cloud, SaaS, Big Data, and NoSQL sources? Through our simple standards-based Drivers your applications gain instant connectivity to live data from all of the on-premise and cloud-based data sources.

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