CData Software Releases Universal API Integration Hub at Strata NY 2019

Data-as-a-Service solution providing easy cloud-to-cloud data access for BI, Reporting, & Data Integration with support for dozens of SaaS, NoSQL, & Big Data sources.

New York, N.Y, Sep. 24, 2019 - CData Software (, a leading provider of standards-based drivers and data access solutions for real-time data integration, has released CData Cloud Hub (, a disruptive cloud data service for SaaS, NoSQL, & Big Data.

The CData Cloud Hub provides instant live data connectivity to dozens of Enterprise data sources through standard interfaces that are widely supported by every data-centric application. Users can easily connect cloud BI, ETL, & Reporting tools to data from CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, ERPs, accounting systems, and data warehousing solutions through standard interfaces that are widely supported by every data-centric application.

The CData Cloud Hub is uniquely suited for enabling integration with cloud BI, ETL, or SaaS applications where software installation is impossible or undesirable. It is also an ideal solution for integration from on-premise applications without fully-baked or accessible extensibility models that still support database (SQL/MySQL) integration.

"Data connectivity is essential for modern BI and data management solutions, yet organizations still struggle to keep up with consumer demands for data source integration," said Eric Madariaga, Chief Marketing Officer at CData. "Our unique approach to SQL-based data access allows organizations to extend their connectivity capabilities, enabling integration with dozens of SaaS and Cloud data sources through widely supported database interfaces."

Cloud Hub leverages universal support for database wire protocols like MySQL and SQL (TDS), as well as popular web service protocols like OData, to support live data connectivity from any application that supports extensibility. Users create new connections (virtual databases) through standard DDL statements. For example: CREATE DATABASE Salesforce1 as ... will create a new virtual Salesforce database that can be used by any application that supports SQL/MySQL to interact with live Salesforce data in real-time.

In addition, to live connectivity, the CData Cloud Hub comes with a range of additional advantages, including:

  • Data as a Service: No software to install, no drivers to configure, no database requirements
  • Broad compatibility : Supports all data applications and real-time integration with hundreds of enterprise tools
  • Rich metadata discovery: All data exposed from the underlying data source, including dynamic data
  • Full CRUD SQL-92: Create, read, write & update support for live data. Support a rich ANSI-92 SQL syntax across all drivers, deeply nested queries, and an extensive set of SQL filters and formulas
  • Hybrid deployment: As a service, dedicated/managed deployment, or on-premise

Licensing options and free fully-functional trials of CData Cloud Hub are available online. More information can be found at

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