Data-Driven Cloud Integration

Unified connectivity to the SaaS, NoSQL & Big Data sources that you need for business, from any application.

CData Connect
MySQL/SQL Wire Interface
BI, Analytics, & Reporting
Custom Applications
(On-Premise or Cloud)

All of your SaaS/Cloud data as a Database...


CData Connect provides live data connectivity to more than 200+ Enterprise Data Sources through standard interfaces that are widely supported by every data-centric application.

  • NO software to Install, NO drivers to configure, NO database required.
  • Already works with all of the data applications you use.
  • Real-time integration with 200+ Enterprise sources
  • Rich metadata discovery
  • Read, Write & Update live data

Any Application, to Any API

Real-time cloud data access from any data-centric application

The explosion of APIs have left many institutions struggling to build, manage data integration. Developer teams often layer API abstraction on top of API abstraction to try and manage complexity, but typically end up with a solution that is either too shallow or too fragile to support enterprise workloads. Enter CData Connect.

CData Connect leverages the universal support for database standards (like SQL/MySQL) to give your application real-time access to cloud data from the SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data sources that you use every day. On-premise to cloud, Cloud to on-premise, cloud to cloud.

Connectivity for Data Applications

The only integration solution designed specifically for data.

Today's data-hungry consumers need more than superficial integration to power their applications. Our platform builds on years of standards-based driver development to offer extensive data discovery and deep integration across every supported data source.

100+ Enterprise Data Sources

Connect to data from any data source, from BI, ETL, or Analytics Apps.

SQL/MySQL wire protocol support lets you connect with any application that matters. With CData Connect supported data sources are configured to look and behave like a standard MySQL databases.

  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Accounting
  • Collaboration
  • ERP
  • NoSQL
  • E-Commerce
  • ...  and more!

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