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The DigitalOcean Python Connector may be licensed individually, or through one of our comprehensive Python Subscriptions. Questions? We're happy to help! Call our office, or email us as at

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Python Universal Developer Subscription
200+ Data Sources (including DigitalOcean)
One-year Subscription


Per-developer licensing
Unlimited distribution for internal desktop & mobile apps.
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 Free updates, upgrades, new releases
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Server License
DigitalOcean Python Connector
Single Server License


For use with commercial Web Apps, BI, Analytics, ETL, and server tools, like petl, Apache Nifi, and Reporting Servers.

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OEM, Royalty-Free, Site Licensing, etc.

Add straightforward connectivity to SaaS, NoSQL, & Big Data from all of the BI, AI and Data Science projects across your entire organization. Contact a product specialist to learn more about our various OEM, Royalty-Free, and Site License options.