HPCC FireDAC Components

Rapidly create and deploy powerful Delphi & C++Builder Apps that integrate with HPCC Systems!

  • Connect to HPCC Systems data from Rad Studio Data Explorer.
  • Supports real-time connectivity with HPCC Systems data.
  • Integrate Delphi & C++Builder Apps with HPCC Systems.

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CData FireDAC Components for HPCC
 Included in FireDAC Subscriptions: 125+ Components for real-time data access.

Extend Delphi & C++Builder Apps with unrivaled data connectivity!

HPCC FireDAC Components Included in Enterprise Subscriptions

Get the HPCC Systems FireDAC Components together with 125+ additional components for SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data integration! Our components offer the fastest & easiest way to build data driven Apps.

  • More than 125+ FireDAC Components for NoSQL, Big Data, & SaaS integration.
  • One year of free updates, upgrades, new releases, and support.

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FireDAC Components in Action

Connecting to Any Data Source is as Easy as Connecting to a Database

Standard FireDAC Components

Just like connecting with a typical RDBMS like MySQL. or SQL Server. Use standard FireDAC components like TDFManager, TDFConnection, TDFQuery, etc.

FDConnection1.Name := 'HPCCSystemsConnection';
FDConnection1.DriverName := 'CData.Fire.HPCCSystems';
with FDConnection1.Params as     
    TFDPhysCDataHPCCSystemsConnectionDefParams do begin


FDConnection1.Connected := true;
FDQuery1.Active := true;
FDQuery1.Open('select * from hpcc_cluster_customers');


Type SQL, Get HPCC Systems

The easiest way to build data-centric applications. Write standard SQL queries to interact with HPCC Systems, just like working with any RDBMS. Supports joins, updates, aggregation, and more.


SELECT hpcc_cluster_customers.Id, hpcc_cluster_customers.Name, hpcc_cluster_customers.Fax,     
  Opportunity.AccountId, Opportunity.CloseDate
FROM hpcc_cluster_customers
INNER JOIN Opportunity
  ON hpcc_cluster_customers.Id = Opportunity.AccountId


SELECT Name, AVG(AnnualRevenue) FROM hpcc_cluster_customers GROUP BY Name


UPDATE hpcc_cluster_customers SET Name='John' WHERE Id = @myId

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