<br><b>Code</b>: rsb:print<br><b>Error</b>: Formatter [ rootadoname | tolower() ] failed in the evaluation of to [datasource]. In this article, you will use the JDBC Driver for [service] to set up a simple transfer into a flat file. </p> <h2>Connect to [service] as a JDBC Data Source</h2> <ol> <li> Create the connection to [datasource]. In a new CloverETL graph, right-click the Connections node in the Outline pane and click Connections -> Create Connection. The Database Connection wizard is displayed. </li> <li>Click the plus icon to load a driver from a JAR. Browse to the lib subfolder of the installation directory and select the [company_name|tolower].jdbc.[rootadoname|tolower].jar file. <li>Enter the JDBC URL. A typical JDBC URL is below: <code>jdbc:[rootadoname|tolower]:[extraconnectionprops]. The error was: The attribute does not exist. This formatter cannot be called with nonexistent attributes.<br><b>URL</b>: /jp/kb/tech/adp-jdbc-cloveretl.rst