Integrate Live Evernote Data into Custom Business Apps Built in Power Apps



CData Connect

Use CData Connect Cloud to create a virtual SQL Server Database for Evernote data and integrate live Evernote data into apps built in Microsoft Power Apps.

Power Apps is a service for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile — without the time and expense of custom software development. When paired with CData Connect Cloud, you get instant, cloud-to-cloud access to Evernote data from the apps you build using Power Apps. This article shows how to connect Connect Cloud from Power Apps and build an app based on live Evernote data.

CData Connect Cloud provides a pure SQL, cloud-to-cloud interface for Evernote, allowing you to easily integrate with live Evernote data in Power Apps — without replicating the data. CData Connect Cloud looks exactly like a SQL Server database to Power Apps and uses optimized data processing out of the box to push all supported SQL operations (filters, JOINs, etc) directly to Evernote, leveraging server-side processing to quickly return Evernote data.

Create a Virtual SQL Database for Evernote Data

CData Connect Cloud uses a straightforward, point-and-click interface to connect to data sources and generate APIs.

  1. Login to Connect Cloud and click Databases.
  2. Select "Evernote" from Available Data Sources.
  3. Enter the necessary authentication properties to connect to Evernote.

    Evernote はOAuth 認証標準を利用しています。埋め込みクレデンシャルを使用すると、接続プロパティを設定せずに接続できます。あるいは、アプリを作成してOAuthClientId、OAuthClientSecret、およびCallbackURL 接続プロパティを取得することもできます。認証方法については、ヘルプドキュメントの「OAuth 認証の使用」を参照してください。

  4. Click Test Database.
  5. Click Privileges -> Add and add the new user (or an existing user) with the appropriate permissions.

Connecting to CData Connect Cloud

To use Connect Cloud to integrate Evernote data into your Power Apps, you need a new SQL Server connection:

  1. Log in to Power Apps
  2. Click Data -> Connections -> New connection
  3. Select SQL Server
  4. In the connection wizard:

    • Choose to connect directly
    • Set SQL server name to the address of your Connect Cloud instance (
    • Set SQL database name to the name of the virtual Evernote database you created earlier (like evernotedb)
    • Set the Username and Password and click Create

Building a Data-Centric App for Evernote Data

With the connection to Connect Cloud configured, you are ready to integrate live Evernote data into the apps you build in Power Apps.

  1. Log in to Power Apps
  2. Click Create, hover over "Start from data" and click Make this app
  3. Select the SQL Server connection you created
  4. Search for or choose a table to work with
  5. Click Connect
  6. Customize the newly created app just like you would any other, including changing the layout and setting the fields exposed in BrowseScreen, DetailScreen, and EditScreen

At this point, you have an app with read and write access to live Evernote data that you can save and publish for use within your organization.

SQL Access to Evernote Data from Cloud Applications

Now you have a direct connection to live Evernote data from Microsoft Power Apps. You can create more connections and apps to drive business — all without replicating Evernote data.

To get SQL data access to 230+ SaaS, Big Data, and NoSQL sources directly from your cloud applications, see the CData Connect Cloud.