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Birst でGMO MakeShop Data のビジュアライゼーションを構築

CData JDBC Driver for GMO MakeShop とBirst クラウドエージェントを使用して、Birst でGMO MakeShop data のリアルタイムの視覚化を構築します。

Birst は、組織が複雑なプロセスを迅速に理解し、最適化することを支援するクラウドビジネスインテリジェンス(BI)ツールおよび分析プラットフォームです。CData JDBC Driver for GMO MakeShop と組み合わせると、Birst Cloud Agent を経由してリアルタイムGMO MakeShop data に接続し、ビジュアライズを構築できます。ここでは、Cloud Agent を使用してGMO MakeShop に連携し、Birst で動的レポートを作成する方法を段階的に説明します。

強力なデータ処理機能により、CData JDBC Driver はBirst のGMO MakeShop data 操作に高いパフォーマンスを提供します。Birst からGMO MakeShop への複雑なSQL クエリを発行すると、ドライバーはフィルタや集計などのサポートされているSQL 操作を直接GMO MakeShop にプッシュし、組込みSQL エンジンを利用してクライアント側でサポートしない操作を処理します。組み込みの動的メタデータクエリにより、JDBC ドライバーはネイティブのBirst データ型を使用してGMO MakeShop data を視覚化および分析することを可能にします。

Birst でGMO MakeShop Data へのJDBC 接続を設定

Before creating the Birst project, you will need to install the Birst Cloud Agent (in order to work with the installed JDBC Driver).Also, copy the JAR file for the JDBC Driver (and the LIC file, if it exists) to the /drivers/ directory in the installation location for the Cloud Agent.

With the driver and Cloud Agent installed, you are ready to begin.

  1. Create a new project in Birst.
  2. Name the connection (e.g. CDataGMOMakeShop).
  3. Choose Live Access.
  4. Select an agent.
  5. Set Database Type to Other.
  6. Set SQL Type to MSSQL
  7. Set the Connection string.


    For assistance in constructing the JDBC URL, use the connection string designer built into the GMO MakeShop JDBC Driver.Either double-click the JAR file or execute the jar file from the command-line.

    java -jar cdata.jdbc.gmomakeshop.jar

    Fill in the connection properties and copy the connection string to the clipboard.

    When you configure the JDBC URL, you may also want to set the Max Rows connection property.This will limit the number of rows returned, which is especially helpful for improving performance when designing reports and visualizations.

    Below is a typical JDBC connection string for GMO MakeShop:

  8. Set the Driver Name: cdata.jdbc.gmomakeshop.GMOMakeShopDriver and click Save.

NOTE:Since authentication to GMO MakeShop is managed from the connection string, you can leave Security Credentials blank.

GMO MakeShop Data オブジェクトを設定

Now that the connection is configured, we are ready to configure the schema for the dataset, choosing the tables, views, and columns we wish to visualize.

  1. Select the Schema (e.g. GMOMakeShop).
  2. Click on Tables and/or Views to connect to those entities and click Apply.
  3. Select the Tables and Columns you want to access and click Done.

With the objects configured, you can perform any data preparation and discover any relationships in your data using the Pronto Prepare and Relate tools.


After you prepare your data and define relationships between the connected objects, you are ready to build your visualization.

  1. Select the Visualizer tool from the menu.
  2. Select Measures & Categories from your objects
  3. Select and configure the appropriate visualization for the Measure(s) you selected.

Using the CData JDBC Driver for GMO MakeShop with the Cloud Agent and Birst, you can easily create robust visualizations and reports on GMO MakeShop data.Download a free, 30-day trial and start building Birst visualizations today.