<br><b>Code</b>: rsb:print<br><b>Error</b>: Formatter [ extraconnectionprops ] failed in the evaluation of </p> <h2>Add the Adapter for [service] to Your Project</h2> <p> Follow the steps below to add the adapter to a BizTalk Server project. </p> <ol> <li>If you have not already done so, create a new BizTalk Server project in Visual Studio. <li>Right-click on the project in the Solution Explorer and click Add -> Add Generated Items. <li>Select Add Adapter Metadata in the resulting dialog box. <li>In the resulting Add Adapter wizard, select the adapter from the list. <li>In the Port menu, leave the selection blank. You can also select a receive location or send port that has the adapter configured as its transport type. <img src="../articles/biztalk-generate-schema-1.png" title="[company_name] Adapters in the Select Adapter wizard. (Salesforce is shown.)"/> </li> </ol> <h2>Generate a Schema for an SQL Command</h2> <p> After you select the adapter in the Add Adapter wizard, the Schema wizard is displayed. Follow the steps below to configure connection properties and retrieve the metadata for the results of the command. </p> <ol> <li>In the Connection String page, enter authentication credentials and other connection properties, if you did not select an adapter that you have already configured in your BizTalk application. Below is a typical connection string: <p> [extraconnectionprops]. The error was: The value of the attribute could not be accessed: The attribute does not exist.<br><b>URL</b>: /jp/kb/tech/sqlite-biztalk-generate-schema-sql.rst