<br><b>Code</b>: rsb:print<br><b>Error</b>: Formatter [ rootadoname ] failed in the evaluation of <h2>Create a Virtual MySQL Database for [service] [datatype]</h2> <p> You can use any MySQL client to connect to the [company_name] Cloud Hub and create virtual databases. </p> <ol> <li>Connect to the [company_name] Cloud Hub: <pre class=brush:ps> mysql --host myinstance.cdatacloud.net --user admin --password </pre> </li> <li>Once authenticated, create the virtual database for [service]: <pre class=brush:sql> mysql> CREATE DATABASE [id]db -> DRIVER = "[rootadoname]", -> DBURL = "[extraconnectionprops|def('')]. The error was: The value of the attribute could not be accessed: The attribute does not exist.<br><b>URL</b>: /jp/kb/tech/sqlite-cloudhub-apps-script.rst