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Connect to Yahoo Shopping Data in RazorSQL

Connect to Yahoo Shopping from wizards and query Yahoo Shopping data from the GUI in the RazorSQL database management tool.

The CData JDBC Driver for Yahoo Shopping enables standards-based access from third-party tools, from wizards in IDEs to data management and analysis tools. This article shows how to connect to Yahoo Shopping using wizards in RazorSQL.

Create a JDBC Data Source for Yahoo Shopping Data

  1. Open the RazorSQL application and, in the Connections menu, select Add Connection Profile -> Other -> JDBC.
  2. In the Connection Wizard that appears, set the following properties:
    • Driver Location: Set this property to the path to the lib subfolder in the installation directory.
    • Driver Class: Set the driver class to cdata.jdbc.yahooshopping.YahooShoppingDriver.
    • Username: Enter the username. (This property can also be set in the JDBC URL.)
    • Password: Enter the password. (This property can also be set in the JDBC URL.)
    • JDBC URL: Enter connection parameters. The JDBC URL begins with jdbc:yahooshopping: and is followed by a semicolon-separated list of connection properties.

      A typical JDBC URL is the following:


Query Yahoo Shopping Data and Select Tables

After establishing a connection, the wizard will close and the connection will be available in the connections panel. You can then query the tables.