Facebook API: Invalid Appsecret_Proof Provided in the API Argument

In this entry you will find the steps to resolve the Facebook API "Invalid appsecret_proof" error.

Date Entered: 2/28/2020    Last Updated: 2/28/2020

If you are getting the "[100] Invalid appsecret_proof provided in the API argument" error, this indicates that the OAuth Access Token provided in the connection string is being used in combination with an OAuth Client ID and / or an OAuth Client Secret that do not correspond to the correct OAuth credentials.

Below are the steps to resolve this issue

  1. Please remove OAuth Access Token from the connection properties. The driver is supposed to retrieve that automatically during the oauth flow.
  2. You will need to reset the Facebook connection. This can be done by:
    Deleting the OAuthSettings.txt file. This is [by default] found at: C:\Users\{myUser}\AppData\Roaming\CData\Facebook Data Provider

    Note: If you are using ODBC or Power BI, you will need to reset the connection from the DSN Administrator.

  3. Try to connect again.

This should re-trigger the OAuth flow, thus get the proper OAuthAccessToken for you.

Note that you don't need to set the OAuthAccesssToken in the connection string.

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