Python Connector installation: Upgrading Anaconda Distribution to 3.8 On Mac

In this entry, you will find the proper procedure for preparing a Python 3.8 environment for the Mac environment, which will allow you to install the Python 3.8 Mac wheel to your Anaconda distribution.

Date Entered: 4/24/2020    Last Updated: 4/29/2020    Author: Garrett Bird

Among the available wheels in the Python connectors, the Mac wheels are strictly built for a 3.8 distribution. Conversely, the latest available Anaconda distribution available for download is for 3.7. As a result, in order for the Anaconda distribution to install the Mac wheel, you will first need to create an updated 3.8 environment for it to use. This entry will outline the proper steps to do so.

Create an Upgraded Environment

Setting up the desired environment is outlined by the following steps, which should be executed in sequence:

  1. First, Anaconda itself will need to be updated with the latest compatible packages.
  2. conda update conda
  3. From there, you will need to create a full virtual Python 3.8 Anaconda environment for your use. Please note that the anaconda option in the following command specifies that the full Anaconda distribution should be included in this environment, rather than just the packages for a minimal environment.
  4. conda create -n py38 python=3.8 anaconda
  5. Once the creation of the virtual environment is completed, you will need to activate this environment before proceeding with the installation and use of the Python connector. Should the virtual environment be deactivated later on, it can quickly be reactivated by running the following command again, without having to repeat the first two commands.
  6. conda activate py38

Install the Python Connector

Once the virtual environment is activated in your Mac, the Python connector is ready to be installed into your Anaconda distribution. Begin by navigating to the directory that contains the Mac wheel, then execute the command below to perform the installation (the Salesforce connector is used here as an example).

pip install cdata_salesforce_connector-19.0.7416-cp38-cp38-macosx_10_9_x86_64.whl

While the installation instructions in the "readme.txt" file indicate that Mac users should use the "pip3 install" command with their distribution, the virtual Anaconda environment is a special case. As long as the virtual environment is activated, "pip install" will install into this environment. On the other hand, "pip3 install" will continue to install into the base environment for the distribution, which will be a Python 3.7 environment for Anaconda.

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