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Act-On Integration Guides and Tutorials

A list of guides and tutorials for connecting to and working with live Act-On data.

CData Software connectivity tools provide access to live Act-On data from popular BI, analytics, ETL, and custom applications, offering our customers access to their data wherever they want. Below you will find a list of guides and tutorials for integrating with live Act-On data.

Integration Use-Cases

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

ProductTechnologyArticle Title
Alteryx DesignerODBCPrepare, Blend, and Analyze Act-On in Alteryx Designer
Amazon QuickSightCloud HubBuild Interactive Dashboards from Act-On in Amazon QuickSight
Aqua Data StudioJDBCConnect to Act-On in Aqua Data Studio
BirstJDBCBuild Visualizations of Act-On in Birst
BIRTJDBCDesign BIRT Reports on Act-On
Clear AnalyticsODBCBuild Charts with Act-On in Clear Analytics
Microsoft ExcelExcelExcel Spreadsheet Automation with the QUERY Formula
DBxtraODBCBuild Dashboards with Act-On in DBxtra
DomoODBCCreate Datasets from Act-On in Domo Workbench
Dundas BIODBCBuild Dashboards with Act-On in Dundas BI
FineReportJDBCFeed Act-On into FineReport
Google Data StudioCloud HubCreate Reports from Act-On in Google Data Studio
IBM Cognos BIODBCCreate Data Visualizations in Cognos BI with Act-On
JasperServerJDBCCreate Act-On Reports on JasperReports Server
Jaspersoft BI SuiteJDBCConnect to Act-On in Jaspersoft Studio
JReport DesignerJDBCIntegrate with Act-On in JReport Designer
KlipfolioCloud HubCreate Act-On-Connected Visualizations in Klipfolio
KNIMEJDBCEnable the Act-On JDBC Driver in KNIME
LINQPadADO.NETWorking with Act-On in LINQPad
Power BI DesktopPower BIAuthor Power BI Reports on Real-Time Act-On
Power BI OnlineCloud HubVisualize Live Act-On in the Power BI Service
Microsoft SSASADO.NETBuild an OLAP Cube in SSAS from Act-On
MicroStrategyJDBCUse the CData JDBC Driver for Act-On in MicroStrategy
OBIEEJDBCAct-On Reporting in OBIEE with the Act-On JDBC Driver
pandasPythonUse pandas to Visualize Act-On in Python
Pentaho Report DesignerJDBCIntegrate Act-On in the Pentaho Report Designer
QlikViewODBCConnect to and Query Act-On in QlikView over ODBC
RJDBCAnalyze Act-On in R
RapidMiner JDBCConnect to Act-On in RapidMiner
SAP Business ObjectsJDBCCreate an SAP BusinessObjects Universe on the CData JDBC Driver for Act-On
SAP Crystal ReportsJDBCPublish Reports with Act-On in Crystal Reports
SAP LumiraAPI ServerConsume Act-On OData Feeds in SAP Lumira
SASODBCUse the CData ODBC Driver for Act-On in SAS for Real-Time Reporting and Analytics
SisenseJDBCVisualize Live Act-On in Sisense
Spago BIJDBCConnect to Act-On in SpagoBI
TableauODBCVisualize Act-On in Tableau
Tableau OnlineCloud HubBuild Act-On Visualizations in Tableau Online
Tableau ServerODBCPublish and Share Act-On Dashboards with Tableau Server
TIBCO SpotfireADO.NETVisualize Act-On in TIBCO Spotfire through ADO.NET
TIBCO Spotfire ServerJDBCOperational Reporting on Act-On from Spotfire Server
VisioODBCLink Visio Shapes to Act-On

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ETL & Replication

ProductTechnologyArticle Title
Amazon RedshiftCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to Amazon Redshift
Amazon S3CData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to Amazon S3
Apache CamelJDBCIntegrate with Act-On using Apache Camel
Apache CassandraCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to Apache Cassandra
Apache NiFiJDBCBridge Act-On Connectivity with Apache NiFi
AWS GlueJDBCConnect to Act-On in AWS Glue Jobs Using JDBC
BIMLSSISUse Biml to Build SSIS Tasks to Replicate Act-On to SQL Server
CloverDXJDBCConnect to Act-On in CloverDX (formerly CloverETL)
CSVCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to Local Delimited Files
IBM DB2CData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to IBM DB2
FoxProODBCWork with Act-On in FoxPro
Google BigQueryCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to Google BigQuery
Google Cloud SQLCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to Google Cloud SQL
Google Data FusionJDBCBuild Act-On-Connected ETL Processes in Google Data Fusion
Heroku / Salesforce ConnectCData SyncReplicate Act-On for Use in Salesforce Connect
HULFT IntegrateJDBCConnect to Act-On in HULFT Integrate
Informatica CloudJDBCIntegrate Act-On in Your Informatica Cloud Instance
Informatica PowerCenterJDBCCreate Informatica Mappings From/To a JDBC Data Source for Act-On
Jaspersoft ETLJDBCConnect to Act-On in Jaspersoft Studio
Microsoft AccessCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to Microsoft Access
Microsoft Azure TablesCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to Azure SQL
Microsoft ExcelExcelTransfer Data from Excel to Act-On
MongoDBCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to MongoDB
MySQLCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to MySQL
Oracle Data IntegratorJDBCETL Act-On in Oracle Data Integrator
Oracle DatabaseCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to Oracle
petlPythonExtract, Transform, and Load Act-On in Python
PostgreSQLCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to PostgreSQL
Replicate to CSVPowerShellReplicate Act-On to MySQL with PowerShell
SnowflakeCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to Snowflake
SQL ServerCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to SQL Server
SQLiteCData SyncAutomated Continuous Act-On Replication to SQLite
TalendJDBCConnect to Act-On and Transfer Data in Talend
UiPath StudioODBCCreate an RPA Flow that Connects to Act-On in UiPath Studio

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Data Virtualization

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Software Development

ProductTechnologyArticle Title
.NET ChartsADO.NETDataBind Charts to Act-On
.NET QueryBuilderODBCRapidly Develop Act-On-Driven Apps with Active Query Builder
Angular JSAPI ServerUsing AngularJS to Build Dynamic Web Pages with Act-On
Apache SparkJDBCWork with Act-On in Apache Spark Using SQL
AppSheetCloud HubCreate Act-On-Connected Business Apps in AppSheet
Microsoft Azure Logic AppsAPI ServerTrigger Act-On IFTTT Flows in Azure App Service
ColdFusionJDBCQuery Act-On in ColdFusion
DashPythonUse Dash & Python to Build Web Apps on Act-On
DevExpressADO.NETDataBind Act-On to the DevExpress Data Grid
EF - Code FirstADO.NETAccess Act-On with Entity Framework 6
EF - MVCADO.NETBuild MVC Applications with Connectivity to Act-On
Filemaker ProJDBCBidirectional Access to Act-On from FileMaker Pro
GoODBCWrite a Simple Go Application to work with Act-On on Linux
Google Apps ScriptCloud HubConnect to Act-On in Google Apps Script
HibernateJDBCObject-Relational Mapping (ORM) with Act-On Entities in Java
IntelliJJDBCConnect to Act-On in IntelliJ
JBossJDBCConnect to Act-On from a Connection Pool in JBoss
JDBIJDBCCreate a Data Access Object for Act-On using JDBI
JRubyJDBCConnect to Act-On in JRuby
NodeJSAPI ServerQuery Act-On from Node.js
NodeJSCloud HubQuery Act-On as a MySQL Database in Node.js
NodeJSJDBCQuery Act-On through ODBC in Node.js
PHPCloud HubAccess Act-On in PHP through the Cloud Hub
PHPODBCNatively Connect to Act-On in PHP
PowerShellPowerShellPipe Act-On to CSV in PowerShell
PowerBuilderADO.NETConnect to Act-On from PowerBuilder
PyCharmODBCUsing the CData ODBC Driver for Act-On in PyCharm
PythonODBCConnect to Act-On in Python on Linux/UNIX
RubyODBCConnect to Act-On in Ruby
SAP UI5API ServerIntegrate Real-Time Access to Act-On in SAPUI5 MVC Apps
ServoyJDBCBuild Act-On-Connected Apps in Servoy
SQLAlchemyPythonUse SQLAlchemy ORMs to Access Act-On in Python
TomcatJDBCConfigure the CData JDBC Driver for Act-On in a Connection Pool in Tomcat
VCL App (RAD Studio)FireDACBuild a Simple VCL Application for Act-On
WebLogicJDBCConnect to Act-On from a Connection Pool in WebLogic

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Data Management

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Workflow Automation

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