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Access Live Salesforce Chatter Data in Google Sheets

Use the CData Cloud Hub to create a virtual MySQL Database for Salesforce Chatter data and gain access to live Salesforce Chatter data from your Google Sheets.

Google Sheets is a free, web-based spreadsheet program. When paired with the CData Cloud Hub, you can instantly access Salesforce Chatter data from within Google Sheets for data analysis, collaborations, calculations, and more. This article shows how to connect to Salesforce Chatter in your Cloud Hub instance and access live Salesforce Chatter data in Google Sheets.

The CData Cloud Hub provides a pure cloud-to-cloud interface for Salesforce Chatter, allowing you to easily access live Salesforce Chatter data in Google Sheets. Simply use the Cloud Hub Connector to generate a query (or write your own). Using optimized data processing out of the box, the CData Cloud Hub pushes all supported query operations (filters, JOINs, etc) directly to Salesforce Chatter, leveraging server-side processing to quickly return Salesforce Chatter data.

This setup requires a CData Cloud Hub instance and the CData Cloud Hub Connector for Google Sheets. To get started, get a free trial of Cloud Hub and download the free Cloud Hub Google Sheets Connector.

Create a Virtual MySQL Database for Salesforce Chatter Data

CData Cloud Hub uses a straightforward, point-and-click interface to connect to data sources and generate APIs.

  1. Log into Cloud Hub and click Databases.
  2. Select "Salesforce Chatter" from Available Data Sources.
  3. Enter the necessary authentication properties to connect to Salesforce Chatter.

    Salesforce Chatter uses OAuth 2.0 authentication. To authenticate to Salesforce Chatter via OAuth 2.0, you will need to obtain the OAuthClientId, OAuthClientSecret, and CallbackURL by registering an app with Salesforce Chatter.

  4. Click Test Database.
  5. Click Privileges -> Add and add the new user (or an existing user) with the appropriate permissions.

With the virtual database created, you are ready to connect to Salesforce Chatter data from Google Sheets.

Access Live Salesforce Chatter Data in Google Sheets

The steps below outline connecting to the CData Cloud Hub from Google Sheets to access live Salesforce Chatter data.

  1. Log into Google Sheets, create a new sheet (or open an existing one).
  2. Click Add-ons and click Get Add-ons (if you have already installed the Add-on, jump to step 5).
  3. Search for CData Cloud Hub Connector and select the Add-on.
  4. Authorize the Connector.
  5. Back in Google Sheets, click Add-ons and open the CData Cloud Hub Connector.
  6. Use your instance name (myinstance in, username, and password to connect to your Cloud Hub instance.
  7. Click CREATE to access Salesforce Chatter data through the Cloud Hub instance.
  8. Select a Database (e.g. SalesforceChatter1) and click Next.
  9. Select a Table (e.g. Users) and Fields (columns), add any sorting, filtering, and limits and click Execute.
  10. Click Connect.
  11. If needed, modify columns, click Create Report, and add the data source to the report.

SQL Access to Salesforce Chatter Data from Cloud Applications

Now, you have a direct, cloud-to-cloud connection to live Salesforce Chatter data from your Google Sheets workbook. You can add more data to your workbook for calculations, aggregations, collaboration, and more.

Try the CData Cloud Hub and get SQL data access to 100+ SaaS, Big Data, and NoSQL sources directly from your cloud applications.