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Integrate Lohaco Data into Automated Tasks with Microsoft Flow

Use the CData Cloud Hub to create a virtual SQL Server database for Lohaco data and integrate live Lohaco data into your Microsoft Flow tasks.

Microsoft Flow is an online workflow service that automates events (known as workflows) across the most common apps and services. When paired with the CData Cloud Hub, you get instant, cloud-to-cloud access to Lohaco data for visualizations, dashboards, and more. This article shows how to connect to the Cloud Hub from Microsoft Flow and integrate live Lohaco data into your workflows and tasks.

The CData Cloud Hub provides a pure SQL, cloud-to-cloud interface for Lohaco, allowing you to easily integrate with live Lohaco data in Microsoft Flow — without replicating the data. The CData Cloud Hub looks exactly like a SQL Server database to Microsoft Flow and uses optimized data processing out of the box to push all supported SQL operations (filters, JOINs, etc) directly to Lohaco, leveraging server-side processing to quickly return Lohaco data.

Before starting, you need to create a virtual database instance for Lohaco in your instance of the CData Cloud Hub. Refer to the online help documentation for instructions and more information. This article presumes that you have created a virtual database named lohacodb.

Connecting to the CData Cloud Hub

To use the Cloud Hub to integrate Lohaco data into your Flow tasks, you need a new SQL Server connection:

  1. Log in to Microsoft Flow
  2. Click Data -> Connections -> New connection
  3. Select SQL Server
  4. In the connection wizard:

    • Choose to connect directly
    • Set SQL server name to the address of your Cloud Hub instance (
    • Set SQL database name to the name of the virtual Lohaco database you created earlier (like lohacodb)
    • Set the Username and Password and click Create

Integrating Lohaco Data into MS Flow Tasks

With the connection to the Cloud Hub configured, you are ready to integrate live Lohaco data into your Microsoft Flow tasks.

  1. Log in to Microsoft Flow
  2. Click My flows -> New and choose to create the flow from blank or template
  3. Add (or configure) a SQL Server action (like Get rows) and configure the action to connect to your Cloud Hub connection
  4. Select a Table to work with (from the drop-down menu) and configure any advanced options (like filters, orders, etc)
  5. Configure any actions to follow and test, then save the flow

SQL Access to Lohaco Data from Cloud Applications

Now you have a direct connection to live Lohaco data from Microsoft Flow tasks. You can create more connections and workflows to drive business — all without replicating Lohaco data.

To get SQL data access to 100+ SaaS, Big Data, and NoSQL sources directly from your cloud applications, see the CData Cloud Hub.