ODBC Drivers

Easy-to-use ODBC Drivers with powerful Enterprise-level features

Straightforward access to live Application, Database, and WebAPI data through standard ODBC database connectivity.

  • Simple ODBC / SQL access to live data with full read/write access.
  • Access, analyze, and report on data with your SQL-based tool of choice.
  • Quickly import, export, back-up, analyze, report, transform, integrate, etc.
  • Unicode enabled 32/64-bit ODBC compliant drivers for Windows, Mac, and Unix.

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ODBC Drivers for:

CRM & Marketing Automation

Accounting Systems

Collaboration & ERP

NoSQL & Big Data

REST Services

Document & File Formats

Social Networking

Financial & E-Commerce

Uncategorized Sources

Other Applications, Databases, & Web APIs

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Don't see your application listed here? Explore driver development options to learn how you can leverage drivers for your data source. Standards-based drivers provide a universal bridge between your data, and the world of BI & Analytics. Let us show you how.