Connect your BI, Analytics, ETL, & Custom Applications to:
NoSQL & Big Data  

Fully-embeddable Drivers for any data technology:

Big Data & NoSQL Drivers

Powerful Enterprise Capabilities

Connect NoSQL with BI & ETL

Easily integrated with modern and legacy tools though ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, ODATA, etc.

Unmatched Performance

Our Drivers are fast - Really fast. In fact, over twice as fast as other Drivers

Intelligent Mapping

Unlimited flexibility in mapping NoSQL and Big Data structures to tabular data.


Comprehensive support for CRUD operations across all supported data sources.

High-Performance NoSQL & Big Data Integration

Our NoSQL and Big Data drivers support a rich feature set that truly put them in a class of their own. The drivers push the boundaries of performance - optimizing socket-level streaming, compression, and processing in order to deliver lightning-fast access times.

When performance matters, there is simply no substitute »

SQL Abstraction for NoSQL & Big Data

SQL-based drivers provide a powerful and ubiquitous bridge between NoSQL and both modern and legacy applications. Learn how our powerful ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET Drivers simplify and standardize the process or working with your data.

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