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Update Required: HubSpot Connectivity

HubSpot is modifying the contacts scope of their API and CData has updated the OAuth implentation for their HubSpot connectivity solutions to accommodate.

公開日: 2/17/2022    最終更新日: 2/17/2022

HubSpot Notice

HubSpot has given notice (hubspot.com) that they are splitting the contacts scope into more granular CRM scopes that will allow HubSpot users to choose separate access for contacts, companies, and deals. This enables HubSpot customers to request only the customers scopes that are necessary for the app and enhances security protocols for HubSpot. The change affects ALL vendors participating in the HubSpot's App Marketplace; thus, all HubSpot CData Connectors and Drivers will be affected by this change and any of our customers using CData's HubSpot driver could experience disruption when establishing new HubSpot connections.

Free Driver Updates

Current CData HubSpot customers can download the latest HubSpot driver, found here: HubSpot Drivers - Download (cdata.com) , to avoid any disruptions. If you have already downloaded the latest driver of HubSpot on or after January 10, then you have what you need, and no further action is recommended. If you have not applied the latest update, please do so as soon as possible to avoid error notifications for new connections made to HubSpot starting February 28, 2022.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this update may cause. If you have an active contract and need a new product key for the most recent version, please get in touch with our Sales Team (sales@cdata.com), and they will be happy to assist you. For assistance with your upgrade, please email our dedicated Support channel.

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