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DBAmp: Serial Number Expiration Date Shows 1999 or Expired

Handling an expiration date of 1999 in DBAmp.

公開日: 01/12/2023    最終更新日: 01/12/2023

In the process of updating a serial number in the DBAmp Configuration Program, customers may notice an expiration date of 1999. Even though the message indicates the expiration of 1999 or simply indicates "expired", please go ahead and replace it.

Older versions of DBAmp have a bug in the DBAmp Configuration Program where the program cannot recognize expiration dates in 2022 or later. The actual DBAmp driver does not have this issue and will continue to operate successfully. Even though the driver itself will work (in spite of the shown 1999 expiration date), we strongly recommend that you should upgrade to the latest version of DBAmp when it is possible. The upgrade instructions can be found at https://www.cdata.com/dbamp/download/upgrade.aspx

Further questions can be sent to DBAmpSupport@cdata.com

本記事に関するご意見、ご質問は弊社サポートチーム support@cdata.co.jp までご連絡ください。