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Enable the CData JDBC Driver for Kintone in KNIME

Use standard data access components in KNIME to create charts and reports with Kintone data.

One of the strengths of the CData JDBC Driver for Kintone is its cross-platform support, enabling integration with major BI tools. Follow the procedure below to access Kintone data in KNIME and to create a chart from Kintone data using the report designer.

Define a New JDBC Connection to Kintone Data

  1. If you have not already done so, install the Report Designer extension: Click File -> Install KNIME Extensions, and filter on "Report".
  2. In a new workflow, click File -> Preferences and expand the KNIME -> Database Driver nodes to add cdata.jdbc.kintone.jar. The driver JAR is located in the lib subfolder of the installation directory.
  3. In the Node Repository view, expand the Database node and drag a Database Reader onto the workflow editor.
  4. Double-click the Database Reader and set the following properties:

    • Database Driver: In the menu, select the CData JDBC driver.
    • Database URL: Enter the connection properties. The JDBC URL begins with jdbc:kintone: and is followed by a semicolon-separated list of connection properties.

      &service; に接続するには、&rpUser; および&rpPassword; を設定します。さらに、&rpUrl; を設定します。例: または。

      A typical JDBC URL is below. jdbc:kintone:Username=myuseraccount;Password=mypassword;URL=;GuestSpaceId=myspaceid;ApiToken=MyApiToken

    • User Name: The username used to authenticate.
    • Password: The password used to authenticate.
    • SQL Statement: Enter an SQL query in the SQL Statement box or double-click a table. This article uses the query below to create a chart: SELECT Name, Description FROM Comments
  5. Test the connection by clicking Fetch Metadata.

  6. Connect the Database Reader to a Data to Report node to supply the dataset to a range of data visualization controls. Click Execute and then click Edit Report at the top of the workflow to open the report designer perspective.
  7. You can now generate reports based on live data. To create a chart, drag the chart control from the palette to the report designer. In the resulting wizard, you can use the filtering and aggregation controls available in KNIME.