Cloud Drivers

Makes on-premise & cloud data sources easily accessible across platforms and devices.

Expose live data from internal and external facing web applications, mobile apps, ETL tools, and popular desktop applications.

  • Make data easily accessible to Web, desktop, and mobile clients.
  • Access data through simple standards-based interfaces like ODATA, REST, HTML, RSS, ATOM, JSON, SOAP, CSV.

Cloud Drivers for:

CRM & Marketing Automation

Accounting Systems

Collaboration & ERP

On-Premise & Cloud DBs

Document & File Formats

  • CSV & TSV

    CSV & TSV

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Social Networking

Networking & Auth

Financial & E-Commerce

Uncategorized Sources

  • Twilio


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  • Google Gmail

    Google Gmail

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  • Bing Search

    Bing Search

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  • Microsoft Exchange

    Microsoft Exchange

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  • Google Search

    Google Search

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Key Features

Cloud Drivers offer a simple way to connect your data – through standard Web data connectivity protocols. The Cloud Drivers are easy-to-use ‘proxy’ applications that work by exposing underlying data through modern WebAPIs and protocols like OData, JSON, REST, etc., making it easy for any Web, Desktop, or Server application to connect with your data.