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The Universal Data Connectivity Platform

Analytics, Integration, Transformation, and Insights - it all starts with Connectivity. CData's world-class connectivity solutions are powering the next era of data-driven business.

Powering connectivity for world leading data management ISVs and data consumers
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The world's leading data connectivity platform

Simplify data connectivity, eliminate data silos, and break down barriers to better integration and insights. Our best-in-class data connectivity delivers seamlessly real-time integration of all of your data across your entire tech stack.


Connectivity is a critical piece of modern data architecture. Standardized and centralized connectivity simplifies and speeds the process of extracting actionable insights from enterprise data. Securely and easily connect with your data from any software or tool - whether in the cloud or on-premises.

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Data integration technologies extend the CData platform, providing a straightforward way to synchronize data from an array of data sources with traditional and emerging databases. Easily create and maintain replica of your data that can be leveraged in your BI or reporting tool to produce effective, actionable business intelligence.

Data Integration Technologies

Application integration solutions facilitate connectivity between disparate software applications, databases, and file formats. Easily build process flows to automate file transfers and seamlessly connect data across storage platforms, tools, services, and partners.

Application & B2B Integration
Standards-Based Connectivity Unlocks Value

"Agile approaches to data integration, with quick implementation and rapid time to value, will help organizations make the most of the data available to them. Continuously delivering the right data to the right applications needs to persist as an enterprise priority."

Paige Bartley, Senior Research Analyst, 451 Research

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Faster time to value for data integration, analytics, and management -

Connect to all your data.

With broad access to more than 250 enterprise data sources and counting, CData enables seamless data access to every Accounting, CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation platform, Go to source categorization, Collaboration tool, API, database or data warehouse that matters.

Enable self-service data analytics and integration.

Our connectivity tools support rapid data insights and agility, with frictionless access to operational data to support data scientists, business analysts, reporting, low-code developers, and other non-technical users.

Enhance and extend instead of rip and replace.

When it comes to connectivity, there is no need to replace your current technology stack. Our data connectivity solutions tuck-in and bolt on to the applications that you already use, enabling you to enhance operations without the time and expense in re-tooling.

Free IT resources from building & maintaining custom integrations.

Instead of having to code integrations against one-off APIs and continuously stay up-to-date on every single API to maintain integrations, standards-based drivers provide a logical data layer of abstraction that shields users from the complexity of data access.

Deliver next generation connected applications.

Simplify integration and speed solution delivery. Our driver technologies eliminate the time and expense of integrating disparate systems allowing developers to simplify architectural complexity and build connected applications more quickly.

See How Universal Connectivity Unlocks Value

Data silos limit the ability to deliver data driven insights and unlock the potential of your connected enterprise. Our solutions unify data access across the enterprise and seamlessly connect systems, applications, and processes.

BI & Analytics

Empower data scientists, citizen analysts, and decision-makers to work with data from SaaS apps, databases, NoSQL, Big Data, marketing, and sales - right in their analytics tools of choice. Our drivers, adapters, and cloud connectivity solutions provide seamless real-time data to Tableau, Power BI, Excel, Sisense QuickSight, DataStudio, Spotfire and more.

Connectivity for BI & Analytics
Data Movement (ETL/ELT)

Unify your data inside any major database or data warehouse with enterprise-scale ETL and make data stored in your databases available on-demand to your analysts, data scientists, developers, AI, and decision-makers.

Connectivity for Data Movement
Data Integration

Extend integration tools and build flexible, fully supported workflows that stand the test of time with CData Drivers and Adapters that drop right into integration platforms like Scribe, Boomi, Informatica, Mule, and BizTalk.

Connectivity For Data Integration
Connectivity For Low-Code
App Integration

We offer visual, simple, fast, and secure application and data integration solutions based on an open architecture. Connect with your business trading partners, centrally manage all your enterprise file transfers, and modernize your supply chain.

Connectivity for App Integration
Arc Connect
Data Science

Our connectivity solutions provide a robust framework for data scientist to work with data in any environment. From direct python and SQL connectivity, to data pipelines, to simplifying integration with AI and ML, our tools enhance agility flexibility and open new pathways to data science and DataOps

Connectivity for Data Science
Python ODBC JDBC Sync Connect
Developers & ISV

Leading vendors across SaaS, data management, integration, analytics & BI, data science, data testing, AI & machine learning, and data governance embed CData connectivity to solve their data access, fragmentation, and integration challenges.

Connectivity for Developers
Connectivity for Low Code
OEM Embedded DV Drivers

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BI & Analytics

Embedded Drivers Connect BI Platform to SaaS, NoSQL, & Big Data.

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Data Governance

Altair Monarch Platform Embeds CData to Support Real-Time Connectivity.

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SQL Connectivity

Couchbase Extends SQL Connectivity to BI, Analytics, and ETL With Standards-Based Drivers.

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Data Integration

Tibco Scribe Enhances iPaaS Data Integration Platform with New Connectivity

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