Data virtualization for the enterprise

Empower your data journey with versatile data virtualization built for enterprise workloads.


The CData Virtuality difference


Instant access to all sources

Get live access to 200+ enterprise sources, querying without ETL pipelines for faster insights.


High-performance data engine

Efficiently handle large volumes of data with a virtual access layer, complete with caching, query push-down, and materialization features.


Unified security & governance

Manage your enterprise data with centralized controls for data quality, security, and compliance.


Cost-effective & flexible

Reduce total-cost-of-ownership and simplify integration with SaaS, on-premises, and self-hosted cloud deployment options.

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Future-proof, agile data connectivity

Elevate your data operations with a connectivity platform built for evolving data requirements.

  • Instant connections to sources, metadata tools, and data consumers
  • Semantic data layer for complete data visibility
  • Centralized access control and audit trails for robust data governance
  • An integrated data shop to empower business users to retrieve data sets
Future-proof, agile data connectivity
Flexible deployment options

Flexible deployment options

Choose a deployment method that works best for your operational requirements. Options include:

  • SaaS (lowest TCO, fully-managed)
  • Self-hosted cloud
  • On-premises

CData Virtuality powers data management initiatives for enterprises worldwide

Renew Financial Builds the Foundation for Self-Service BI Initiatives

“We decided to go with CData Virtuality because it reduced our development time by over 80%. If we were to use the old ETL tool it would have taken us six months, but with CData Virtuality it took us two.”

— Mai Doan
Renew Financial Senior BI Manager

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Technical features

Deployment types include SaaS, self-hosted cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

Virtualization features include cross-database joins, nested loop, merge join, dependent semi-join, cross-database unions, cross-database SELECT INTO and INSERT INTO, and dynamic cost-based query optimization.

The Business Data Shop offers metadata catalog and search, self-service data access, query read/write, and downloaded data.

CData Virtuality offers a Kafka connector and continuous record sets.

Robust data governance features include automatic data lineage, column-level data lineage, column masking, and connectivity with specialized governance tools like Collibra and Dataspot.

Security features include row-based security; Git integration; built-in user/role-based permission system; permission granularity on schema, table, and column levels; LDAP authentication (Active Directory, ForgeRock, etc.); versioning for all custom metadata; access to audit information and usage statistics; and SSL/TLS and HTTPS security protocols.

CData Virtuality features a self-learning recommendation engine, materialized source tables and virtual views, automatic index creation, and query optimization.

Get instantaneous explanations of SQL queries with the SQL AI Assistant.

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