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Enable your customers to easily access data from your solution in Power BI, Tableau, SAP, SAS, Cognos, Qlik, Informatica, Excel, and dozens of other popular analytics tools.

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Standard SQL Connectors are Your Missing Link to BI & Analytics

Organizations need frictionless access to data across a growing number of analytics tools. IT no longer serves as a gatekeeper to organizational data — business users across every department need the ability to get to their data in real-time, on their own terms, from their favorite tools.

The reality is, you can't wait for every data and analytics platform to provide support for your API, or expect your customers to build and maintain custom integrations between your platform and their growing tech stack.

Real-time, standards-based drivers from CData provide a universal bridge between your data and your customers' analytics tools, providing them with more flexibility and an improved experience with your technology.

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SQL-based Connectivity for Market-Leading APIs

Top SaaS, data storage, and data management vendors partner with CData to expand ecosystem connectivity and increase API adoption.

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Couchbase Enables Customer Analytics with its Custom Couchbase Driver

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Universal Connectivity in under 90 Days

As the leading provider of standards-based drivers, CData has development down to a science. Our engineers deliver a full complement of drivers, connectors, and adapters for your platform in just 90 days. We take the guesswork out of integration development and maintenance so you can focus your resources on providing customers with an exceptional product.

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Give Your Users Access to the Top BI, Reporting, ETL Tools, and More

ODBC, JDBC, & ADO.NET are the most widely supported interfaces for connecting applications with data. Our drivers offer seamless and certified connectivity from popular tools, including:

Aqua Data Studio
Clover ETL
Crystal Reports
IBM WebSphere
NetBeans IDE
Oracle WebLogic
Cognos BI
Crystal Reports
FileMaker Pro
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Oracle DB
Power Map
Power Pivot
SAP Business Objects
SharePoint Services
…and many more!

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Why CData is the Undisputed Leader in Standards-Based Connectivity

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Customer Testimonials

“Data analytics increasingly drives value across the enterprise as leaders seek more timely insights from their data. As a leading data connectivity provider, CData Software has been a reliable and professional partner that provides our customers with the highest-performance drivers available today.”

Anthony Farinha
Senior Director of Strategic Partners

“Speed is a critical metric for many of our enterprise customers, especially when working with large data sets. CData's focus on performance puts them in a league of their own, making them an obvious choice to partner with to extend ASDL connectivity.”

John Rueter
VP of Marketing

“We're pleased to partner with CData to accelerate AI customer success with the teams and tools our customers already have in place. Their nocode connectors make DataRobot predictions easily accessible in a plethora of popular analytics tools.”

Jen Underwood
Senior Director

“ODBC and JDBC are complex because of their ubiquitous use. While developing those drivers alone might not be overwhelming, ensuring that they are supported by the vast ecosystem of tools and applications that utilize them was out of scope for a company of our size. We needed to choose a partner who had the experience with this ecosystem and would provide exceptional support.”

Kyle Bernhardy

“CA Live API Creator customers develop sophisticated applications and microservices with diverse data connectivity requirements. CData Drivers greatly simplify the requirement of supporting a broad spectrum of databases and integration use cases CA Live API Creator enables.”

Renu Motwani
Sr. Director, Product Management

“Altair continues to invest in new innovations to unlock a wider variety of data and prepare it to uncover transformative business insights. We are excited by the integration potential that CData Drivers can provide for our customers.”

Rami Chahine
VP of Product Management

“Working with CData has allowed us to scale our connectivity capabilities in response to our customers requirements. The highperformance drivers plugin easily and provide our customers with valuable access to real-time data.”

David Shabat, R&D Group Manager

Why CData?

CData is simply unmatched in the market when it comes to standards-based connectivity.

Unparalleled Technology Decorative Icon
Unparalleled technology

Connectivity is our core business, not an afterthought or secondary function. All drivers come with our powerful SQL-92 engine featuring dynamic metadata discovery, caching, collaborative query processing, and more.

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Unbeatable performance

Our next-generation SQL 92 engine powers connectivity to some of the market's fastest databases. Our drivers offer unmatched performance for battle-tested, real-time connectivity.

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Total support

CData is known for our exceptional support. We're here to answer your questions, troubleshoot, and ensure your customers benefit from the most reliable data connectivity on the market.

Fastest Time to Market Decorative Icon
Fastest time to market

CData will provide your organization with a comprehensive set of drivers and adaptors across 10+ technologies in just 90 days. You'll shave years off your product development roadmap.

Broadest Coverage Decorative Icon
Broadest coverage

Your custom driver will connect your data source to every major BI & analytics platform on the market. And you don't have to choose a single driver technology — with CData, you get JDBC, ODBC, ADO, and more.

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Future proof integration

Our team continuously tests drivers with dozens of BI & analytics tools to ensure they provide seamless user experiences. The drivers we build for you automatically receive these updates and enhancements, so they're always reliable, secure, and up-to-date.

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