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Universally accessible tooling for your APIs

Do you want to increase the adoption of your APIs and make them accessible beyond the developer market? Engaging with CData to build Drivers for your APIs is is an easy way to expand your user base.

Our standards based Drivers will unlock the world of BI, Analytics, ETL, and Reporting integration by offering users to access to your platform and API data through standard database driver technologies like ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, SSIS, BizTalk, Excel, etc.


Not just an SDK

Let CData take the headache and the guesswork out of Driver development and allow you to focus on enhancing capabilities that are core to your organization.

Our team of engineers can deliver a comprehensive suite of Drivers for your APIs, complete with powerful security features, smart caching, batching, design-time support for major IDEs, fully integrated help documentation, and more, at a fraction of the time and expense they would require to develop in-house.

Why choose CData for Driver development?

  • Broadest Driver technology support.

    With CData software you don't have to choose a single driver technology - you get them all. Our proprietary Driver framework enables us to write source specific code once, and share that across all of the Driver technologies that we support. When we build drivers for a data source, we create deliverables across all of the driver form factors that we support, including ODBC, JDBC, ADO, SSIS, BizTalk, Mobile, Excel etc.

    Technology Highlights include:
    • ODBC - Connect to data from any ODBC-capable application or tool (Microsoft Access, Excel, Cognos BI, Power Pivot, QlikView, Tableau, Access, SAP Business Objects, etc.).
    • JDBC - Connect to data from any JDBC-capable application or tool (e.g. Crystal reports, JBoss, Informatica, Jetty, NetBeans IDE, Cisco Information Server, Jaspersoft, etc.).
    • ADO.NET - Gives .NET developers an extremely easy way to connect to your APIs from .NET Apps.
    • SQL / SSIS - Direct connectivity from SQL Server enabling data synchronization, ETL, local back-ups, and automation.
    • BizTalk - Connect BizTalk Server with data through standard orchestrations.
    • Excel - An Excel Add-In that allows direct connectivity to data with full read/write/update support.
    • OData - A lightweight server-side application that proxies API data, making it easily accessible across platforms and devices.
    • Mobile - Offers Mobile App developers easy-to-use tools for straightforward integration with your APIs.
  • Fastest time to market.

    As the leading provider of standards-based Drivers for data integration, with more than 400+ data integration deliverables, we have Driver development down to a science. Our development team will work with you to deliver a full complement of drivers at a fraction of the time and expense that it would require to develop them in-house.

  • Future-proof your technology investments.

    At CData, our goal is to offer easy integration with every data source that matters by simplifying the way you connect to data, applications, and services. We are completely focused on this mission, and we are constantly enhancing and extending and expanding the drivers and integration technologies that we offer.

    Our team continuously tests our drivers with a wide range of BI and Analytics tools to make sure that our drivers provide the absolute best user experiences. In addition, our engineering teams continue to expand our technology portfolio with support for new driver and adapter technologies. As a partner, the drivers that we build for you will receive these updates and enhancements automatically.

  • Increase marketing footprint & exposure through new and existing technology partnerships.

    Partnering with CData to build Drivers for your APIs amplifies your marketing, with tremendous exposure across marketing channels. All of our drivers are promoted through reseller channels, distributed by our OEM partners, and actively marketed to our user base of developers, business analysts, and systems integrators. As a CData customer, you can chose to be included in our partner marketing programs and allow embedding by our OEM application partners.

  • Mobile platform integration.
  • Flexible OEM options (White-labeling, Embedding, etc.)

"PreEmptive Analytics safely captures application adoption and user behaviors inside some of the most heavily regulated and sensitive applications across financial, manufacturing, healthcare, and other enterprise-class industries. Thanks to our engagement with CData Software our Application Analytics data is now easily accessible from a broad spectrum of mainstream CRM, ERP, and BI platforms including Microsoft's Power BI, Excel, SQL Server Reporting Services."

- Gabriel Torok, CEO of PreEmptive Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Driver Development

 What if we want to create the Drivers ourselves?

We understand that some users have an over abundance of development resources, and would prefer to use an SDK for Driver development. For these customers we suggest using our API Drivers. With the CData API Drivers, you can leverage the same powerful framework that we use internally to build new drivers for your APIs in a fraction of the time.

 How quickly can CData deliver a Driver for our APIs?

The time it takes to deliver drivers for your APIs is dependent on a number of factors, but our engineers are experts at this, it's what they do. You can expect results in far less time than it would take for you to learn and use a 3rd party SDK.

 How much does custom driver development cost?

The costs to build custom drivers for your APIs will be dependent on a number of factors. Pricing is generally determined by:

  • Complexity of the APIs & data structures.
  • Accessibility of test systems.
  • Customer timelines and current development pipeline.
  • Other commercial terms (white-labeling, exclusivity, co-marketing & promotion.) etc.

For specifics, please contact our sales team to discuss commercial terms and pricing.

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