Data Analytics Connectivity Solutions

Connect any analytics and reporting tool to any data across your organization - no matter where it lives - to streamline reporting processes and drive actionable insights.

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Access Real-Time Data

Enable data teams to query live data and report on accurate and up-to-date information when and where they need to.

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Your Data, Your Way

Move, collect, and transform data from disparate sources, applications, and databases to fit your business needs.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Empower employees to make informed business decisions based on freely available, accurate, and comprehensive data.

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Unburden IT Teams

Citizen analysts can leverage self-service integration tools to easily connect their own data, or work with IT to streamline connectivity

Achieve Your Reporting and Analytics Goals with CData Connectivity Solutions

Ad Hoc Reporting

Lines of business often request to extract insights from their data on an as-needed basis to answer single business queries. These reports are crucial to achieving business agility. Instead of relying on scheduled reports or waiting for IT to build custom solutions, modern business users need to engage with their data sources on their own terms (and timelines).

CData's real-time connectivity solutions provide universal access to data, no matter where it lives. By simplifying data access, every stakeholder in an organization gets to work with the data you need, wherever you need it - without overtaxing IT teams with one-off integrations. Our connectors extend your favorite application with live access to any data source through established standards, such as ODBC or JDBC. They deliver comprehensive access to any data source and streamline and enhance the reporting process.

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Data Synchronization

To combat data proliferation across your organization, one critical step is to collect disparate data in a centralized location, whether that's in the cloud or on-premises. But moving siloed data across a cloud-based or hybrid data ecosystem is usually a slow, complex, and resource-draining exercise.

Data synchronization traditionally involves intricate procedures to extract, transform, move, and load data - with large investments in ETL infrastructure and integration specialists. CData Sync provides users with a straightforward way to build data pipelines and synchronize data between on-premises and cloud environments, without the need for complex security configurations or deep programing skills.

With out-of-the-box integration capabilities from CData Sync, organizations save time and money on integration and migration efforts, and business users are empowered to extract value from their data - regardless of where it lives.

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Comprehensive Data Connectivity

IT teams today are overburdened managing the density and demand for data across their organization. While it helps immensely to enable lines of business to perform integrations on an ad hoc basis, supporting a holistic data connectivity strategy requires more orchestration.

With a consolidated data integration platform, IT can create a centralized data hub that allows users across the business to securely access their live data directly from within their preferred analytics tool.

CData Connect is a cloud-based integration platform that provides a single point of access for a wide variety of data sources, from CRM and ERP to databases and warehouses and more, all through a universally accessible interface: SQL. Enhance data manageability by providing stakeholders with varying levels of user permissions to access and build real-time dashboards on top of their data.

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Office Depot Leverages CData to 'Lift and Shift' Critical Data and Enable Analytics Integration

Migrating from a legacy data warehouse the company needed a way to leverage their existing SSAS cubes with the data stored in their new Snowflake instance.

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Access Data Within Every Analytics Tool on the Market

CData Drivers offer high-performance data delivery across 250+ data sources using a standards-based SQL interface, enabling real-time reporting within your preferred analytics tool.

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250+ Enterprise Data Sources

Connect to data from any data source, from any BI, Analytics, or Reporting solution.

Universally accessible adapters let you connect to data from any application that matters.

  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Accounting
  • Collaboration
  • ERP
  • NoSQL
  • E-Commerce
  • ...  and more!

Data Democratization: The Key to Empowered Reporting & Analytics

By breaking down data barriers across your organization, you empower lines of business to make informed business decisions based on freely available, accurate, and comprehensive data.

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