Connect to Act-On marketing automation platform through easy-to-use drivers.

Integrate with BI, Reporting, Analytics, ETL Tools, and Custom Solutions.

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BI & Analytics

Our drivers offer the fastest and easiest way to connect real-time Act-On data with BI, analytics, reporting and data visualization technologies. They provide unmatched query performance, comprehensive access to Act-On data and metadata, and seamlessly integrate with your favorite analytics tools.

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Popular BI & Analytics Integrations

Alteryx Designer: Prepare, Blend, and Analyze Act-On in Alteryx Designer Amazon QuickSight: Build Interactive Dashboards from Act-On in Amazon QuickSight Aqua Data Studio: Connect to Act-On in Aqua Data Studio Birst: Build Visualizations of Act-On in Birst BIRT: Design BIRT Reports on Act-On Clear Analytics: Build Charts with Act-On in Clear Analytics DBxtra: Build Dashboards with Act-On in DBxtra Domo: Create Datasets from Act-On in Domo Workbench Dundas BI: Build Dashboards with Act-On in Dundas BI FineReport: Feed Act-On into FineReport Google Data Studio: Create Reports from Act-On in Google Data Studio IBM Cognos BI: Create Data Visualizations in Cognos BI with Act-On JasperServer: Create Act-On Reports on JasperReports Server Jaspersoft BI Suite: Connect to Act-On in Jaspersoft Studio JReport Designer: Integrate with Act-On in JReport Designer Klipfolio: Create Act-On-Connected Visualizations in Klipfolio KNIME: Enable the Act-On JDBC Driver in KNIME LINQPad: Working with Act-On in LINQPad Power BI Desktop: Author Power BI Reports on Real-Time Act-On Power BI Online: Visualize Live Act-On in the Power BI Service Metabase: Create Interactive Act-On-Connected Metabase Dashboards Microsoft SSAS: Build an OLAP Cube in SSAS from Act-On MicroStrategy: Use the CData JDBC Driver for Act-On in MicroStrategy OBIEE: Act-On Reporting in OBIEE with the Act-On JDBC Driver pandas: Use pandas to Visualize Act-On in Python Pentaho Report Designer: Integrate Act-On in the Pentaho Report Designer QlikView: Connect to and Query Act-On in QlikView over ODBC R: Analyze Act-On in R RapidMiner: Connect to Act-On in RapidMiner Redash: Build Act-On-Connected Dashboards in Redash SAP Business Objects: Create an SAP BusinessObjects Universe on the CData JDBC Driver for Act-On SAP Crystal Reports: Publish Reports with Act-On in Crystal Reports SAP Lumira: Consume Act-On OData Feeds in SAP Lumira SAS: Use the CData ODBC Driver for Act-On in SAS for Real-Time Reporting and Analytics Sisense: Visualize Live Act-On in Sisense Spago BI: Connect to Act-On in SpagoBI Tableau: Visualize Act-On in Tableau Desktop Tableau Online: Build Act-On Visualizations in Tableau Online Tableau Server: Publish Act-On-Connected Dashboards in Tableau Server TIBCO Spotfire: Visualize Act-On in TIBCO Spotfire through ADO.NET TIBCO Spotfire Server: Operational Reporting on Act-On from Spotfire Server

ETL, Replication, & Warehousing

From drivers and adapters that extend your favorite ETL tools with Act-On connectivity to ETL/ELT tools for replication — our Act-On integration solutions provide robust, reliable, and secure data movement.

Connect your RDBMS or data warehouse with Act-On to facilitate operational reporting, offload queries and increase performance, support data governance initiatives, archive data for disaster recovery, and more.

Popular Data Warehousing Integrations

Amazon Redshift: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to Amazon Redshift Amazon S3: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to Amazon S3 Apache Camel: Integrate with Act-On using Apache Camel Apache Cassandra: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to Apache Cassandra Apache NiFi: Bridge Act-On Connectivity with Apache NiFi AWS Glue: Connect to Act-On in AWS Glue Jobs Using JDBC BIML: Use Biml to Build SSIS Tasks to Replicate Act-On to SQL Server CloverDX: Connect to Act-On in CloverDX (formerly CloverETL) CSV: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to Local Delimited Files Databricks: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to Databricks IBM DB2: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to IBM DB2 FoxPro: Work with Act-On in FoxPro Google BigQuery: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to Google BigQuery Google Cloud SQL: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to Google Cloud SQL Google Data Fusion: Build Act-On-Connected ETL Processes in Google Data Fusion Heroku / Salesforce Connect: Replicate Act-On for Use in Salesforce Connect HULFT Integrate: Connect to Act-On in HULFT Integrate Informatica Cloud: Integrate Act-On in Your Informatica Cloud Instance Informatica PowerCenter: Create Informatica Mappings From/To a JDBC Data Source for Act-On Jaspersoft ETL: Connect to Act-On in Jaspersoft Studio Microsoft Access: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to Microsoft Access Microsoft Azure Tables: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to Azure SQL MongoDB: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to MongoDB MySQL: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to MySQL Oracle Data Integrator: ETL Act-On in Oracle Data Integrator Oracle Database: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to Oracle petl: Extract, Transform, and Load Act-On in Python PostgreSQL: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to PostgreSQL Replicate to CSV: Replicate Act-On to MySQL with PowerShell Snowflake: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to Snowflake SQL Server: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to SQL Server SQLite: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to SQLite Talend: Connect to Act-On and Transfer Data in Talend UiPath Studio: Create an RPA Flow that Connects to Act-On in UiPath Studio Vertica: Automated Continuous Act-On Replication to a Vertica Database

Developer Tools & Technologies

The easiest way to integrate with Act-On from anywhere. Our Act-On drivers offer a data-centric model for Act-On that dramatically simplifies integration — allowing developers to build higher quality applications, faster than ever before. Learn more about the benefits for developers:

Popular Developer Integrations

.NET Charts: DataBind Charts to Act-On .NET QueryBuilder: Rapidly Develop Act-On-Driven Apps with Active Query Builder Angular JS: Using AngularJS to Build Dynamic Web Pages with Act-On Apache Spark: Work with Act-On in Apache Spark Using SQL AppSheet: Create Act-On-Connected Business Apps in AppSheet Microsoft Azure Logic Apps: Trigger Act-On IFTTT Flows in Azure App Service ColdFusion: Query Act-On in ColdFusion Dash: Use Dash & Python to Build Web Apps on Act-On DevExpress: DataBind Act-On to the DevExpress Data Grid EF - Code First: Access Act-On with Entity Framework 6 EF - LINQ: LINQ to Act-On EF - MVC: Build MVC Applications with Connectivity to Act-On Filemaker Pro: Bidirectional Access to Act-On from FileMaker Pro Go: Write a Simple Go Application to work with Act-On on Linux Google Apps Script: Connect to Act-On in Google Apps Script Hibernate: Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) with Act-On Entities in Java IntelliJ: Connect to Act-On in IntelliJ JBoss: Connect to Act-On from a Connection Pool in JBoss JDBI: Create a Data Access Object for Act-On using JDBI JRuby: Connect to Act-On in JRuby NodeJS: Query Act-On from Node.js NodeJS: Query Act-On as a MySQL Database in Node.js NodeJS: Query Act-On through ODBC in Node.js PHP: Access Act-On in PHP through the Cloud Hub PHP: Natively Connect to Act-On in PHP PowerShell: Pipe Act-On to CSV in PowerShell PowerBuilder: Connect to Act-On from PowerBuilder PyCharm: Using the CData ODBC Driver for Act-On in PyCharm Python: Connect to Act-On in Python on Linux/UNIX Ruby: Connect to Act-On in Ruby SAP UI5: Integrate Real-Time Access to Act-On in SAPUI5 MVC Apps Servoy: Build Act-On-Connected Apps in Servoy SQLAlchemy: Use SQLAlchemy ORMs to Access Act-On in Python Tomcat: Configure the CData JDBC Driver for Act-On in a Connection Pool in Tomcat Unqork: Create Act-On-Connected Applications in Unqork VCL App (RAD Studio): Build a Simple VCL Application for Act-On WebLogic: Connect to Act-On from a Connection Pool in WebLogic

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