HealthSource Distributors Enhances Operational Efficiency and Achieves 40% Sales Growth with CData Arc

HealthSource Distributors relies on CData Arc to automate purchase order processing and invoicing with suppliers and customers – creating better customer experiences, reducing operating costs, and accelerating sales growth.

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Seamless EDI integration

HealthSource can now flexibly communicate purchase orders and invoices with trading partners (customers and suppliers) via their preferred protocols, such as AS2, SFTP, API, etc.

Deep insights and strategic planning

CData Arc empowers HealthSource leadership to gain deep insights into historical sales trends, customer engagement, and operational performance, facilitating strategic planning.

Agile workflow development

HealthSource leverages CData Arc to rapidly develop and deploy custom workflows, enhancing responsiveness to evolving market demands and reducing turnaround times and development costs.

Founded in 2003, HealthSource Distributors has emerged as a prominent player in the pharmaceutical distribution industry, experiencing rapid sales growth over the years. With a commitment to innovation and efficiency, HealthSource sought to enhance their operational processes, particularly in the realm of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

The challenge: Modernizing EDI operations

As HealthSource expanded their operations, they recognized the need to modernize their EDI processes to better serve their growing customer base. Previous experiences with legacy EDI solutions, such as 1EDI Source, proved cumbersome and inefficient, hindering operational agility and customer satisfaction. HealthSource needed a solution that would streamline EDI communication, improve workflow efficiency, and support their ambitious growth trajectory.

The solution: Operational efficiency with CData Arc

Led by Eric Buxton, HealthSource's lead application developer, the team embarked on a quest to find a more intuitive and agile EDI solution. After an exhaustive evaluation process, HealthSource transitioned to CData Arc. Impressed by the user-friendly interface, robust support, and extensive connectivity options, they saw an opportunity to revolutionize their EDI operations. With CData Arc, HealthSource gained the flexibility and scalability needed to support their expanding business while enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

One of the elements of CData Arc that impressed the HealthSource team the most was the translation capability in the platform. Whereas legacy solutions require users to fully reconstruct EDI documents segment-by-segment before being able to map data to them, Arc provides pre-packaged EDI document templates and sample flows to quickly implement EDI translation. This eliminates the administration burden and provides a striking improvement in development timelines.

"The interface that you are using for EDI processing is either going to help you or it is going to slow you down. CData Arc made it so easy compared to 1EDI Source and other systems that we saw in the market."

– Eric Buxton, Lead Application Developer, HealthSource Distributors

The result: A catalyst for 40% sales growth

By leveraging CData Arc to streamline EDI operations, HealthSource achieved a remarkable 40% increase in sales. This was achieved in three main ways: Firstly, CData Arc unlocked the ability to communicate with trading partners using their preferred protocol (AS2, SFTP, API, etc.), which allowed HealthSource to sell to a wider customer base. As Buxton summed it up: “more customers, more sales.” Secondly, CData Arc made it easier to “copy-and-paste” similar workflows across customers, which drastically improved the time to onboard new customers. This gave HealthSource a competitive advantage in the market against the large, inefficiently slow distributors and allowed HealthSource to take market share away from these players. Finally, in eliminating manual, spreadsheet-based orders processes and automating the communication and translation of data, HealthSource streamlined the customer experience around placing orders with them. This resulted in increased average order values per customer.

These benefits from CData Arc carried over into the supplier side as well: HealthSource was able to work with a wider base of suppliers, onboard new suppliers more quickly, and order more from each supplier. In combination, these factors drove impressive growth in sales for HealthSource, with CData Arc playing a key role in this business transformation.

CData Arc’s breadth of connectivity and drag-and-drop interface empowered HealthSource to develop and deploy custom workflows with unparalleled speed and efficiency. The platform's intuitive interface and robust support enabled HealthSource to automate manual tasks, streamline processes, and optimize resource allocation, resulting in significant cost savings and operational improvements.

With CData Arc, HealthSource gained deep insights into historical sales trends, customer behavior, and operational performance. The platform's advanced reporting capabilities provided HealthSource's leadership team with the data-driven insights needed to make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and drive strategic initiatives.

"When I think about how long it would take to set up a new workflow for a trading partner... it's astonishing how fast we can turn things around with CData Arc, and it even astonishes our trading partners."

– Robb Miller, Director of IT, HealthSource Distributors

Experience the power of CData Arc

CData Arc has become an indispensable tool in HealthSource Distributors' quest for operational excellence and growth. By streamlining EDI operations, enhancing workflow efficiency, and providing deep insights into business performance, CData Arc has empowered HealthSource to achieve remarkable sales growth and operational improvements. As HealthSource continues to expand its business and serve its growing customer base, CData Arc will remain a trusted partner in their journey towards success.

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