cdata drivers

Case Studies

Industry-leading drivers and data access technologies. Helping organizations solve their toughest data integration and connectivity challenges.

Upstream USA

Upstream Streamlines Financial Reporting and Optimizes Budget with CData Connect Cloud

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University Connects to Workday to Visualize Historical Student Data

BJ's Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club Improves Employee Retention by Over 10% with CData


Edgio Builds Comprehensive Real-Time QuickBooks Reports Directly in Excel

Keio University

Keio University Injects Vital Research Data Directly into Tableau with CData

Office Depot

Office Depot Leverages CData to 'Lift and Shift' Critical Data and Enable Analytics Integration


iCEDQ Provides Customers with A Rich, Platform-Agnostic Solution for Data Warehouse Testing

Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics Brings Real-Time Data to Analytics Dashboards for SaaS Applications

WingArc 1st

WingArc Partners with CData to Standardize Integration Realize Data Goals


Low-Code Platform TALON Partners with CData to Support Customers' Digital Transformation Efforts


freee Gains Customer Insights by Enhancing Salesforce Connectivity


Randstad Leverages CData to Enable Easy Salesforce Migration and ERP Integration

Tesco Bank

Tesco Bank Brings Their Social Good App to Market Quickly and Easily with CData


CData Expands Database Connectivity for HarperDB Enterprise Customers


Jumpstart Consolidates Operational Data into Salesforce to Better Track Child and Volunteer Activities


SMART InSight's Mμgen Integration Platform Embeds CData Drivers to Offer Comprehensive Data Accessibility

Fujitsu FSAS, Inc.

Fujitsu FSAS Improves Application Usability and Streamlines Internal Communications with CData


Combit Embeds Powerful CData Connectivity into Their Flagship Reporting Tool