Marketing Data Connectivity Solutions

Easily connect and manage your marketing technology (MarTech) data to gain comprehensive, real-time marketing insights.

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Realize MarTech ROI

Connect, integrate, and automate your MarTech stack to truly understand and enhance your marketing performance.


Understand Your Customers

Bring customer insights to the entire organization by collecting critical data for analysis in your preferred analytics tool.


Migrate with Ease

Easily grow and evolve your marketing operations with simplified data migration solutions.

Get the Most Out of Your MarTech Data

Real-Time Data Connectivity

Marketers rely on data to understand their customers, generate effective leads, and drive business forward. But with hundreds of marketing tools out there generating disparate data on customers, campaigns, emails, etc. the data becomes unmanageable.

CData's real-time connectivity solutions allow your MarTech tools to talk to each other. There's no need for custom integrations, API management, or overly-complicated data ecosystem maintenance. Simply connect the MarTech apps you use every day and surface live, up-to-date data within your preferred analytics tools, CRM, ERP, and more.

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Customer 360° Views

Customers are king. Effective marketing strategies now center around providing personalized customer experiences. But without access to the full picture of how customers and prospects engage with your campaigns and initiatives, it's impossible for organizations to deliver a great customer experience.

To see a holistic view of the customer, marketers must integrate the data, applications, and APIs that power customer insights. CData's pre-built, easy-to-use connectivity software enables lines of business to gain a 360-degree view of every customer interaction across disparate MarTech platforms.

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Migrate and Grow Your MarTech Stack

Modern business moves at a dizzying pace. To keep up with the newest marketing innovations, your marketing automation stack needs to continually evolve and grow. But picking up and moving all your data to an entirely new platform is easier said than done.

CData Sync provides code-free integration solutions that make it easy to replicate all your marketing data into a single data store, where it is automatically transformed and moved to your new platform. This simple process removes the need to manually export and clean up old data, minimizing business disruption.

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Multiply Your MarTech ROI with Data Integration

CData offers connectivity to live data for every popular marketing technology (MarTech) platform, from CRM and marketing automation, to social media and advertising tools.

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Access and Analyze Your Marketing Data Anywhere

CData Drivers offer real-time connections to 250+ data sources using a standards-based SQL interface, allowing your marketing team to easily capture, analyze, and work with data across their Martech stack.

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Unlock the Hidden Value in Your MarTech Data

CData makes it easy to connect your disparate marketing tools, databases, and enterprise data sources, allowing you to realize the full value of your marketing innovation investments.

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