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API Enablement & Microservices for Database Access

A focus in IT modernization is the support of agile strategies that offer more pragmatic and flexible delivery of resources across an enterprise. Organizations are adopting APIs & Microservices for database access, to allow for greater performance, dependability, and scalability.

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Data APIs: Gateway to Data Driven Operation & Digital Transformation

In a recent report from Gigaom Research, Lead Analyst Andrew Brust dives deep into the challenge of fragmented organizational data. Bringing more than 25 years of experience as a CTO, analyst, research director and market strategist, Brust peels back the layers on crucial topics for anyone facing integration challenges.

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Key Considerations for Connectivity in a New World of Data

Successful organizations must master connectivity to colossal volumes and varieties of data sources located everywhere to remain relevant. Windows of opportunity close quickly. Agile connectivity is essential to thrive in the digital era. This paper from Impact Analytics founder, Jen Underwood discusses the current state of connectivity and shares key data connector selection criteria.

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Pragmatic API Integration: from SDKs to Data Drivers

Developers facing integration challenges have many architectural options to consider. This solution brief explores several of the most common approaches to integration and provides an overview of the architectural benefits of using standards-based drivers to simplify integration and speed solution delivery.

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SQL Abstraction for NoSQL Databases

SQL is the lingua franca of data access. SQL-based drivers based on established data standards like ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET provide a powerful and ubiquitous bridge between NoSQL and modern and legacy applications. This solution brief highlights various techniques employed in providing SQL access to NoSQL data.

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Live Data Integration vs. Data Replication

Data drives most critical functions across modern organizations, from logistics and operations to marketing, sales, strategy and more. In this guide, we give you a quick but thorough rundown of the benefits and tradeoffs of both live data integration and data replication.

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