Data Pipelines Without the Headache - How Accessibility and Affordability Enable Data Success


Organizations understand the value in leveraging their data for improved BI, analytics, and reporting. However, utilizing data effectively requires sophisticated data integration, which to many organizations sounds like a trade-off that might not be worth the effort. After all, traditional approaches to data integration involve heavy, opaque, and expensive data processing platforms that require full IT teams to build, maintain, and operate.

Data success depends on the accessibility and affordability of data integration. CData Sync provides a platform for non-technical members of your data team to build and maintain data pipelines, keeping your technical resources unburdened.

Additionally, Sync’s scalable licensing depends only on the number of data storage platforms you need to integrate, not the amount of data you need to move. When data is democratized and data connectivity doesn’t break the bank, improving your BI, analytics, and reporting feels like a no-brainer instead of a difficult cost-benefit analysis.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1.  How pure-cloud pipelines struggle to handle hybrid data environments
  2.  The possible pitfalls in usage-based licensing and the source-based alternative
  3.  What a streamlined data movement platform looks like – including a live demo of CData Sync

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