Easy Salesforce Data Connectivity

Integrate Salesforce with all of the apps you use every day - on-premise or in the cloud. Simplify access to Salesforce from BI & Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Integration, and custom apps.

  • Data Consolidation: Pipeline data to any RDBMS or data warehouse
  • BI & Analytics: Access, visualize, and analyze data in any BI tool
  • App Integration: Build logical data flows combining data & tables with all your data

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Automated Salesforce Data Replication

Pipeline Salesforce Data to any Data Lake, Data Warehouse, or RDBMS

CData Sync provides a straightforward way to automatically replicate data from hundreds of on-premise and cloud data sources, like Salesforce, with any modern database, data lake, or data warehouse.

  • Create automated Salesforce data flows in minutes with point-and-click data replication
  • Facilitate closed-loop sales-operations reporting, business intelligence, and analytics for decision support
  • Reduce your Salesforce organization costs with efficient data warehousing
  • Archive data for disaster recovery
  • And more!

Replicate Salesforce Data to 30+ Data Warehouses and Databases

To get started, just connect CData Sync with Salesforce, select the data tables you want to replicate, pick a destination, and set a replication schedule.


Connect Salesforce with SQL Server

Report on real-time or mirrored Salesforce data from SQL and easily integrate local applications

SQL Server - SSIS Data Flow Components

Build powerful data integration workflows through SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Supports Microsoft SQL Server On-Prem, and Azure Data Factory.

CData SSIS Components for Salesforce

DBAmp: Bi-directional Salesforce-SQL Server Sync

The market's number one Salesforce-SQL Server integration solution. DBAmp is now a CData product, part of our ever-growing, robust data connectivity suite.

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Connect to Salesforce from Any Application or Platform

Easy-to-use drivers and adapters provide any enterprise application with instant, live data connectivity — no code required.

Surface Salesforce Data in any BI & Analytics Platform

  • Access Salesforce data from inside your analytics tools of choice
  • Install our connectors right into Power BI, Tableau, Sisense, Qlik, Excel, Google Sheets, and more
  • Once CData Connectors are installed, you can easily work with Salesforce data like you would work with any other data, no coding required
  • Just install the Connectors, and your data is there

Build Applications That Connect To Live Salesforce Data

  • No need to configure a complex API or code directly against Salesforce, just write simple SQL Queries to pull data from any Salesforce Table right into your custom applications
  • Seamless real-time integration from popular development environments like Visual Studio, Pandas, SQLAlchemy, etc.

Connect Salesforce & Force.com Apps with live external data through Salesforce Lightning

  • To take full advantage of the Salesforce1 platform, we offer a straightforward way to connect Salesforce with live data from a wide range of back-office data including on-premise and cloud databases, ERP systems, accounting, and more.
  • The Lightning Connect feature in Salesforce1 enables direct integration with CData Connect (through OData)
  • Connect Salesforce with over 250+ applications, databases, and Web APIs.

Automate Business Processes with CData Arc

  • Create intelligent automations between Salesforce and your accounting, supply chain, database, and custom enterprise applications
  • Integrate purchase order data from your website, eCommerce tools, and EDI) to Salesforce
  • Build powerful automations with simple drag and drop integration
  • Automatically transform data between any business format, including Salesforce Tables
  • Use pre-built data flow templates to fast-track your Salesforce integrations
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Cloud-to-Cloud BI & Analytics and Integration

Connect to Salesforce directly from Looker Studio, SAP Analytics Cloud, Microsoft Power Apps, Amazon QuickSight, and more.

  • Real-time data connectivity to Salesforce and 100+ additional enterprise sources
  • Bi-directional connectivity through common data endpoints
  • Easy integration with apps like Amazon Glue, Amazon QuickSight, Domo, Google Apps Script, Google Cloud Data Flow, Google Cloud Data Studio, Looker, Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Query, MicroStrategy Cloud, Qlik Sense Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAS Cloud, SAS Viya, Tableau Cloud, and more!

The best part? CData Connect is easy to set up in minutes.

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