Easy Connectivity for Low-Code Development

There is no easier way to connect to SaaS, NoSQL, & Big Data without writing code.

CData Drivers make data access as simple as download, install, and go. Combining CData integration with low-code platforms enables your team members with no programming background to build powerful applications, fast.

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Seamless Data Connectivity for Low-Code Platforms

Rapidly extend low-code platforms with data connectivity - Servoy, LANSA, OutSystems, Mendix, Betty Blocks, and more. CData's standards-based driver interfaces make connecting with SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data as easy as connecting with any standard RDBMS.

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Low-Code Connectivity

Easy-to-use connectivity from low-code tools like Servoy, LANSA, Microsoft Flow, and Powerapps.

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Custom Applications

Common drivers interfaces enable developers to rapidly build complex, data-driven apps with no code.

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Enterprise-Class Design

Built with the same reliability, scalability, performance & security powering leading data integration solutions.

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Data-Centric Architecture

A robust SQL-engine simplifies data movement & processing from cloud apps, NoSQL, files & more.

Connect Applications and Data Faster - No Code Required

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When it comes to building applications that connect to external data, most low-code frameworks fall short. While database integration is typically straightforward, connecting with SaaS applications and APIs is often an exercise in frustration. Instead of easy, drag-and-drop integration, most low-code platforms provide little more than basic API connectivity. Users are forced to drop to code and navigate the complexity of authentication, REST or JSON API calls, error handling, security, and any number of other developer tasks. This puts connected development beyond the reach of many low-code framework users.

CData Drivers solve these connectivity issues by providing seamless access to data through commonly supported connectivity standards like ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET. Our drivers abstract all the complexity of integration, making it as easy to connect to any of the hundreds of supported data sources, as it is to connect with a typical RDBMS database like SQL Server or MySQL.

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Working With Low-Code Platforms

Real-time connectivity to a wide range of data sources

CData's low-code connectivity simplifies the process of adapting enterprise data to low-code platforms. CData Drivers can connect low-code platforms with 200+ on-premise and cloud data sources. Unlock no-code data access for a wide range use cases - from building internal operational applications to marketing tools, custom reporting, and more.

Low-Code Data Connectivity

Seamless Data Connectivity with Low-Code Platforms

  • Easy Integration With Every Major Low-Code Framework

    Standard data interfaces like ODBC, JDBC, or ADO.NET are widely supported by low-code development platforms in order to connect with databases. Simply drop in any of the CData Drivers and connect with any supported data source.

  • Comprehensive Metadata Discovery

    Extensive schema discovery capabilities for every data source. Explore tables, columns, keys, and other data constructs based on user identity.

  • Flexible NoSQL Flattening

    Easily connect Low-Code and RAD platforms directly with complex hierarchical data through flexible and extensible NoSQL flattening.

    Learn more: Parsing Hierarchical Data

  • Blazing Data Connectivity

    Our drivers push the boundaries of data access, optimizing socket-level streaming and compression capabilities and delivering truly exceptional data access.

    Learn more: Unmatched Performance

  • Easily Customizable and Configurable

    Easily customize the data model exposed by our Low-Code Adapters to add or remove tables/columns, change data types, etc., without requiring a new build. These customizations are supported at runtime using human-readable, easy-to-edit schema files.

Drivers & Low-Code Data Connectivity

Do you want to learn more about how you can use CData drivers to enhance low-code development with straightforward data connectivity? Contact us below, and let's talk.

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