by Jerod Johnson | April 19, 2024

Drivers in Focus: SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba

According to, SAP Ariba solutions cover nearly 60% of the supply chain management market. With such a strong market share, it comes as no surprise that organizations are looking to make the most of their SAP Ariba data. While built-in reporting covers some analytics scenarios, especially when it comes to long-term reporting, there are shortcomings when it comes to near real-time analytics.

CData Drivers and Connectors allow organizations to connect their preferred reporting and analytics tools directly with SAP Ariba, enabling ad-hoc querying of data from tools like Power BI, Tableau, Excel and more. And with CData Sync, businesses can build pipelines in minutes to replicate their SAP Ariba data to any database, data lake, or data warehouse.

Now, with our new Beta connectivity, users can work with data from the following SAP Ariba solutions wherever they want:

  • SAP Ariba Source – Suppliers
  • SAP Ariba Source – Project Management
  • SAP Ariba Source – Contracts
  • SAP Ariba Procurement – Buyer Purchase Orders
  • SAP Ariba Procurement – Seller Purchase Orders

Example use cases for SAP Ariba integration

Thanks to standards-based and tailor-made connectivity, organizations can connect directly to their SAP Ariba data from any data tool. That said, the following are two use-cases that were immediately solved with CData Drivers.

Ad-hoc reporting in Power BI

An SAP Ariba customer was building a report for their purchasing department, who needed to track purchased items that were delivered from the supplier. Due to limitations in the built-in reporting, the organization was not able to get the real-time reporting they needed. Instead, they adopted the CData Power BI Connector, and now the customer can build dynamic reports with SAP Ariba data in Power BI to gain real-time insights on their purchases.

Interested in analyzing your own SAP Ariba purchase orders in Power BI? Check out our knowledge base article to learn how.

Data warehouse integration

Many SAP Ariba customers are looking to integrate their ERP and SAP Ariba data but are hesitant to adopt expensive native integration services. By turning to CData Sync, these organizations can integrate SAP Ariba and their ERP directly into a data warehouse – without relying on manual processes or costly solutions.

Read our knowledge base article to see exactly how easy it is to replicate SAP Ariba Source data directly into a data warehouse like Snowflake.

The CData difference

With regularly added new sources, CData continuously delivers on our vision to provide live data access and automated data integration through a comprehensive suite of solutions. Check out our data source webpages for more information on getting the most from your SAP Ariba Source and SAP Ariba Procurement data.

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