150+ High-performance SSIS Components

Ultimate SQL SSIS Integration Suite

Simplify data movement, integration, & transformation with codeless connectivity.

Integrate Everything with SSIS: Cloud Apps, Databases, Data Warehouses, & More

Leverage SQL Server to do more with the most comprehensive and advanced set of SQL Server Integration Services components. Synchronize or replicate cloud applications and databases, import & export to various files and cloud storage solutions, connect back-office processes through SSIS workflows, and so much more.

Codeless Integration

Drop-in SSIS data flow components and tasks enable rapid integration of data, file transfer, messaging, etc.

All-Inclusive Subscriptions

Unrivaled data integration capabilities delivered through comprehensive MSDN-style SSIS subscriptions.

Enterprise-Class Design

Built with the same reliability, scalability, performance & security powering leading data integration solutions.

Data-Centric Architecture

A robust SQL-engine simplifies data movement & processing from Cloud Apps, NoSQL, Files, & more.

SSIS Data Flow Components in Action!

Watch the video overview for a first hand-look at the powerful data integration capabilities included in the CData SSIS Component Suite.


SSIS Data Flow Components & Tasks

SSIS source and destinations components for a wide range of popular on-premise and SaaS applications for CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, Accounting, Collaboration, and more!

All 150+ Components & Tasks

The Most Advanced SSIS Components Anywhere

  • Robust API Support (REST/JSON/OData)

    Don't see a Data Flow component for the data source that you need? CData Subscriptions include API components (REST/JSON/ODdata, etc) for integration with every and any data source. The components make API integration truly low-code, dramatically simplifying JSON consumption and OData service integration.

  • Seamless Integration With Visual Studio

    Fully integrated with the SQL SSIS Visual Studio .NET environment and Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio at design-time. Supports Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) (2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and beyond)

  • Drag-And-Drop SSIS Development

    CData drop-in Tasks and Data Flow Components require no additional development and are easy to deploy.

  • Robust SQL Support For Cloud Apps & NoSQL

    Use the SQL you already know to connect to data from any cloud application or database. Integration with any source is as simple as SELECT * from [Cloud App]

  • Enterprise-Class Security

    Includes standard enterprise-class security features, such as TLS/ SSL data encryption for all client-server communications.

  • All-Inclusive Subscriptions

    Our value-packed Professional and Enterprise SSIS subscriptions offer essential data connectivity to many popular applications, databases, and APIs.

    • Comprehensive access to SSIS Data Flow Components & Tasks.
    • One year of free updates, upgrades, new releases, and support.
    • Enterprise and Professional options.

With the CData SSIS Components & Tasks you can...

  • Synchronize SQL Server with data from any data source.
  • Automate integration processes like mass imports / updates, data cleansing, and de-duplication.
  • Bulk/batch import/export from cloud applications, databases, and files.
  • Replicate data to offload queries from operational systems to reduce load and increase performance.
  • Integrate secure messaging, compression, encryption & secure file transfer with SSIS workflows.
  • Connect data to analytics for BI and reporting.
  • Archive critical application data for disaster recovery.

Included Components

Data Flow Source

Write queries, not code. Powered by a robust high-performance query engine, the CData SSIS Data Flow source components allow users to query any application, database, or service — without writing complex integration or transformation code.

Data Flow Destination

Pipeline data to anywhere — from cloud applications to cloud storage, NoSQL databases, and data warehouses. The CData SSIS Data Flow destination components make it easy to back up, replicate, or synchronize data across your organization.

SSIS Tasks

Easy-to-use SSIS Tasks provide robust, enterprise-ready Internet connectivity, secure messaging, and file transfer capabilities for SSIS developers.

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An Easier, Better, Faster Way to Connect SQL Server with Data.

  Enterprise SSIS Component Subscription

The best way to buy! A comprehensive MSDN-style subscription with unlimited access to data.
  • Access to an extensive collection of SSIS Workflow Components.
  • Free ongoing updates, upgrades, new releases while subscription remains current.
  • Includes development and production licensing.
$ 1499 00 yr

  Professional SSIS Component Subscription

Virtually identical to the Enterprise Subscription, with a subset of available data sources.
  • Access to an extensive collection of SSIS Workflow Components.
  • Free ongoing updates, upgrades, new releases while subscription remains current.
  • Includes development and production licensing.
$ 999 00 yr