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Real-time data for Sales, Marketing, Accounting, and Operations

Data powers every aspect of modern business. CData Connect Cloud ensures that everyone can access the data they need, whenever and wherever they need it. Real-time data connectivity in the cloud means no installation, delays, or complex data pipelines.

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Data Driven Decisions Start with Data Connectivity

Designed for the cloud with no installation required, CData Connect Cloud ensures that everyone can use any data in just minutes.


Easily integrate your cloud data without complex ETL processes, coding, or reliance on IT.


Access live data for improved reporting, operations, and other business requirements.


Spend less time configuring connections and more time gaining insights that matter.

Governed and Secure

Simplify enterprise deployments with SSO, curated views, and secure access based on individual user permissions.

Accelerate your Analytics Initiatives

You need quick and easy access to your disparate cloud data to produce up-to-date, actionable reports. But complex data preparation tasks impede agility and risk your data going stale in storage.

That’s where real-time connectivity comes in. With live access to all your organizational data in one place, you can effortlessly combine, analyze, and work with your data without having to build complex ETL pipelines.

Chances are your organization is leveraging dozens of cloud applications to get work done. And you’ll probably onboard even more this year.

Adopting a modern data stack enables innovation, allowing you to do some pretty powerful stuff in the cloud. But managing cloud data can be a headache. That’s why we built Connect Cloud – to give you access to all of the data from your favorite applications and data sources from within an easy-to-use, cloud-native interface.

Business professionals need tools that empower them to be more self-sufficient. You can’t wait on IT to build custom integration solutions for you, and they don’t have the bandwidth to prioritize your constant requests for ad hoc reporting. You need to put your data in your own hands.

Connect Cloud makes it easy to work with your data, your way. Simply log in, choose the applications you want to connect, and see your live data populated within the tools of your choice – no coding required.

Shifting to cloud technologies, you might notice that access to data naturally becomes more challenging. Many cloud applications aren’t built with the same extensibility features as their desktop counterparts.

Connect Cloud tackles this challenge head-on. We deal with the complex integrations on our end, giving you straightforward access to live data from hundreds of cloud systems and applications. Finally, you can realize the full value of your cloud investments without worrying about where your data lives.

Cloud Transformation

"Before Connect Cloud, it took multiple people almost a full day to manually collect the data we needed to produce weekly reports in Looker Studio. Now it's just a click of a button."

Ali Moran, Data Analyst, MyCoach Sport

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Leverage Data Connectivity as a Service to easily access live data within the leading analytics platforms and cloud tools.

100+ Enterprise Data Sources

Connect to any data, anywhere

Universally accessible data connectors instead of APIs let you connect with any application that matters.

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