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Frequently Asked Questions

  •   What if my organization lands in between one of the packages for number of rows, users, or connections?
  •   What happens if my organization goes beyond the number of allotted rows per month?
  •   Which Connect Cloud connectors are considered Premium?
  •   What is included in the Virtualization package?
  •   What is included in the Security package?





Included Features
Connections Single Connection 5 10 10+
Users 2 10 25 25+
Data Access
OData Interface
Virtual SQL Access (TDS)
Premium Packages
Premium Connectors Package
Virtualization Package
Security Package
Queries per Month 2M rows/mo. 10M rows/mo. 50M rows/mo. 50M+ rows/mo.
Technical Support
Standard Support
* Unlimited Email technical support.
* Anytime access to our Online Knowledge Base.
Premium Support
Benefits of Standard support +
* Phone Support
* Priority Resolution
* 24-Hour Guaranteed Response Time

Included     Optional

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